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Gillette Silver Blue Double Edge Razor Blades, 100 blades

9 reviews
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SKU Silver Blue-100 blades

Made in Russia, these blades offer a close, comfortable shave!

This item is a bulk package of 100 blades. There are 20 packs of 5 blades each for a total of 100 blades.

NOTE: When you add this item to cart, you will see a second line item showing the individual packs that are part of this bulk pack, with a price of $0.  This does not mean you will be getting double the blades - it is only for our inventory and order picking systems.  Sorry for the confusion, we're trying to figure out a better way to do this but our new website makes it difficult!

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Jack L.

Customer review

My Go-To blades have been Israeli Personnas for nearly 20 years now. I've tried many blades over the years but the IP was, and still is, a proven balance of sharpness and smoothness that just works well for me. I'd always read great reviews of the Gillette Silver Blue and Russian PolSilver blades, so when I ordered a blade sampler for my nephew, I bought each of us a pack of Silver Blues to try out. I have to say, I think they're even better than my favorite IPs: every bit as smooth and just a bit sharper so they give a smoother shave without any irritation using my Gillette Fatboy. I set my razor on 3 for a normal, two day beard, on 2 if I shave on consecutive days and on 4 or 5 for anything heavier than a 3 day beard. I've also been getting at least 4 to 5 shaves out of each blade before I need a fresh one where I'd normally change my IPs after 3 shaves.


Customer review

I have used many blades in my years of wet shaving , with many razors and this is the only blade that gives me a two pass shave . that includes Feather blades. Excellent blade


Customer review

A beautiful blade and my favorite.Smoother than Astra,just as sharp as Feather,maybe even sharper.Dud blades are unlikely to be found,QC is very good here.A bit expensive but you certainly get what you pay for with silver blues.


Customer review

Smooth and sharp without the irritation you can get from other extremely sharp blades on the market. An easy all around great shave every time. Fast shipping and great customer service from the Maggard Crew.

Max S.

Customer review

I have seen these blades vary wildly in price. Different Gillette blades seem to fluctuate quite a bit. All blades being a personal preference here is my findings. 4 star blade! Gillette SBs are a very thin blades... and they give a very loud auditory feedback with the shave. The thin blades make the razor cut through the hair with ease and gives it the feeling of being rather sharp. Smoothness is certainly there as well, the coating is very nice. I find these razors suit slant bars very nicely. I really like this blade, but sometimes it can be very expensive. 4/5 stars because of price.