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iKon ShaveCraft X3 Slant Safety Razor, Pick Your Handle

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With a machined aluminum head and a solid stainless steel handle the new iKon ShaveCraft X3 Slant delivers a smooth, efficient shave.

Customize your handle above!

Slant razors are great for tough beards and sensitive skin.

Uses all standard double edge safety razor blades.
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Customer review

The safety razor arrived today.I like the weight of it . It feels effortless as it glides across the face but it really works .Used it with a gilette blade but will try the feather blades as soon as I feel more confident with it.

Customer review

I have been wanting to add another slant razor to my collection and have been looking at this one for a while, so when i won a gift card at work i figured i would treat myself. I love this razor! It is very smooth and efficient! It has nice heft and the handle has perfect knurling! Can't recommend it enough!

Customer review

I received my X3 with a matte SE 90mm handle. I was blown away by its performance loaded with an Astra blade. Razors that I've used are: a Merkur 34C, a Maggard V3 standard, a Maggard V2 open comb and a Webber (previously my favorite of the lot). On my first pass, I thought the X3 wasn't actually working/that I didn't have the angle right but it was actually shaving quite well! I agree with other reviewers that the angle that the X3 works at feels narrow (although since I have trouble feeling it work, I may be wrong). I have one area on my chin that ALWAYS gets pseudofolliculitis barbae after shaving. I am curious to see if the X3 causes this also.

Customer review

I just did my first shave with the X3 today. I used Kai blade and Mike's Natuals shave soap. I chose the bulldog handle .The angle is tough to find at first. But very smooth comfortable shave. Very efficient as well. Did two passes only WTG and XTG. no nicks and no burn. This will replace my Mekur 34c as my daily razor.

Craig M.
Customer review

Received my iKon X3 yesterday from Maggard. I returned to wet shaving about a month ago after about 40 years using everything from disposables to electrics! Tried the Merkur 25C, various soaps, blades and creams and think I've got my technique worked out. I first read that slant bar razors were aggressive and good for a heavy growth. Also that they might not be a good match if you tend to nick yourself. I would rate my beard as "thinner" than average, getting two days between shaves showing little visible growth (but can feel the growth). Then I read that the slant bar razor might be suitable for sensitive skin. What the heck, I'd give one a trial! I'm very impressed with my first shave with the iKon X3 Slant. Got a very good shave with two passes and NO burn. When I inserted the Crystal blade I noted that there was very little blade edge showing. Don't know if this is common to all slant bar razors, or just to the X3? I got the short "Bulldog" handle and really like how it fits my hand. Also, I think this short handle helps to keep light pressure on the face. Don't be afraid to try this razor. Just remember to use very light (no) pressure!