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Frank Shaving PU21-EB13 Black Handle Pure Badger Shaving Brush, 21mm

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The PU21-EB13 is a Pure Badger shaving brush with a Faux Ebony handle. 21mm

Handle diameter: 29mm
Handle Length: 47mm
Loft: 52mm
Knot: 21mm

A brush of surprising quality given the cost. Frank Shaving brushes are manufactured in China - the source of where the world's Badger hair supply comes from. Cutting out the middle man companies means the savings gets passed on to the consumer. The handles are lathe turned from solid acrylic - just like brushes costing 2-3 times the price. The badger hair is of surprising quality - although there may be higher quality knots out there, we feel like these brushes represent a fantastic value.

Frank Shaving brushes come in several badger hair grades. From lowest to highest grade they are as follows:

Pure Hair
Mixed Hair
Best Hair
Finest Hair
Silvertip Hair

With the numerous positive reviews, we decided to reach out to Frank Shaving. The result?

Finally, a dependable, reliable, fast shipping USA vendor that stocks Frank Shaving brushes. 

There is only one catch. If you get a brush that has a manufacturer defect (a knot that sheds, a knot that falls out of handle, etc etc), we probably won't be able to replace the brush like we are sometimes able to with our other manufacturer's products. We can try, but we can't guarantee it. So, purchase them knowing that you are taking a small (VERY small) chance that you could get a shedding knot. I have heard extremely good things about Frank Shaving brushes, however - and I do not think that this is going to be a huge problem.

All in all, these brushes are truly beautiful. Right out of the box, I suggest rubbing the brush across your palm several times, you will see a few loose hairs pop out. Normally, manufacturers do this as part of Quality control before they are packaged - but I've noticed a few extra hairs in these brushes that are loose, so maybe they are skipping this step. Remove these before your first shave.

Any questions about these brushes, please e-mail us!

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Customer review

This brush is not very pleasant to use. It has been continually shedding hair after a lot of use. I find myself spending too much time picking the hairs off my head, face and out of the razor.

Customer review

I had used this brush everyday for about a month and it was still shedding. I thought I might have been too aggressive with loading and lathering, but my other brushes aren't having any trouble keeping hair with the same technique (even my horse hair brush). That plus it is still a bit scratchy. So, I've set it aside for now. But, what do want for this price? It's a helluva better brush then just about any that you get with a starter kit like Van Der Hagen, etc. This brush produces awesome lather. It just takes awhile to break in.

Customer review

This is the third "frank" brush I've purchased. They all shed like mad the first week of use. After that, for the price, GREAT brushes. I'd highly recommend getting a container of soap nearly gone or one you hate and using that for a week with these brushes. You will have a container full of hair, but after 7-10 shaves no shedding and then you can use as you would any other brush and for the price.... Come on!!! I use a mug normally, but with these they are going to shed in your soap regardless... Lather in Tin for 7-10 days. I love these brushes at this price point so much, I have a tub of soap reserved for breaking them in. It's full of hairs, but who cares!!

Don J.
Customer review

Well i have had this brush for a few days and used it twice. I am pleasantly surprised how soft it is and it really lathers up the shaving cream . I just started wet shaving and used a boar hair brush this is a very nice upgrade.