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Maggard Razors Cherry Sandalwood Vanilla Pre Shave Oil with Glycerin, 2oz

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This blend of 5 different organic, all-natural oils along with a healthy amount of Vitamin E will not only soften your beard, but also helps prevents nicks and cuts by creating a slick barrier between blade and skin, and makes your skin silky smooth.

We don't over-do the scent -- it is just a little something to make the experience more interesting.

Our Cherry Sandalwood Vanilla pre shave oil has a simply wonderful scent, and pairs well with Taylor of Old Bond Almond or Sandalwood Shaving cream.

We here at Maggard Razors are pleased to bring an AFFORDABLE Pre shave oil product to market -- something that simply does not exist.

Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, olive oil, Glycerin, vitamin E, and 100% organic essential oils.


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Customer review

I wanted to enhance my wet shaving experience, so I decided to purchase a pre-shave oil. I went with Maggards brand's Maggard's! I chose this particular scent because I have a lot of "woody" scents in my collection (TOBS Sandalwood cream, Proraso Red, St. James of London Sandalwood and Bergamot Cologne, etc...). I was skeptical that a pre-shave oil would make that much of a difference, but alas, Maggard's has once again King Midased (yes, I just created verb form of King Midas) my entire shave. I received the PS oil a few days ago, and used it that night. I must say, I noticed a difference as soon as I started cutting. The blade shaved smoother, and there was absolutely NO pulling. In fact, I had an immaculate smooth shave after 2 passes, whereas my routine is usually 3 passes. Moreover, it is a nice bonus that this luscious scent lingered just long enough to mix nicely with my St James of London Sandalwood and Bergamot Cologne, which I also purchased from Maggard's. Long story longer - if you are skeptical, don't be. And you definitely cannot go wrong with Maggard's anything - they rock in every way imaginable.

Customer review

My new favorite pre shave oil. I love the scent and it does not interfere with the scent of the soap or my aftershave. It easily lasts for all three passes and really makes a difference, especially on my sensitive neck. If this was not enough, the price is fantastic especially compared to other brands. You can't go wrong with pre shave oil. An easy 5 stars.

Customer review

This stuff is INCREDIBLE! My bathroom no longer looks like a scene from one of the "SAW" movies. My wet shaving experience has been drastically improved with this product. I would recommend it to everyone. Smells good too. Not too overpowering. Consistency was good IMHO and spread nicely. Requires very little to cover face so the bottle will last much longer than expected. Jason is right, this stuff lasts for multiple passes. I will definitely be ordering more!

Customer review

I really like the quality of all of the Maggard pre-shave oils. The performance is great although I think that this particular scent is too sweet. It reminds me of butter-cream frosting. I normally use the citrus scents and I got this one as an evening shave scent, I will still use the whole bottle, but I think that next time I will try a different scent. 5 stars for the quality of the oil 2 stars for the scent

Jorge ".
Customer review

I received this Cherry-Sandalwood Vanilla Pre-shave oil sample with my recent order, and I must say that I Love It. It does a good job (great viscosity ) in getting your beard ready for the shaving cream and then a wonderful shave with your favorite razor. Maggard Razors customer care is second to none. Thank you!