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Voskhod Teflon Coated Double Edge Razor Blades, 5 blades

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by Voskhod
26 reviews
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Voskhod Teflon Coated Double Edge Blades are manufactured o high quality standards.

Sharp and smooth blades that will comfortably last from 5 to 7 shaves.

Voskhod DE blades are no doubt one of Rapira's wet shavers favorites.

Individual packs of 5 DE blades. Each DE blade is wrapped individually.

Made in Russia.


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Customer review

Not my favorite. I've been doing 3 passes with other blades, with decent results (still rotating and trying to find "my blade"). With the Voskhod I was compelled to do a 4th pass, because I still had some stubble left. Even after the 4th pass, I wasn't happy with the results. It's possible a 2nd shave with the same blade will be better (as the teflon wears off), but I don't think I'm going to give it a chance.


Customer review

Terrible. Like shaving with a piece of scrap metal. I literally had to change the blade half way through its first shave it was so dull and nasty. Im glad I tried it, but never again.

Dave B.

Customer review

the teflon coating caught my attention and I had a box of 5 in my stash (1600 +) of blades for over a year and did not realized it.gave them a try after lathering up the first pass had a little tug to it I did have a one day growth,rinsed my blade and rotated it (as if rotating my car’s tire) continued on my second pass, a lot smoother,(again,rotated blade) for my third pass,bbs,did not want to waste my remaining lather I gave myself a fourth pass ( yes,I did rotate my blade) I usually don’t do 4 passes because I have a very mild case of rosacea and I don’t shave against the grain because of it. I was shocked with the results,NO nicks especially on my chin,neck or face.I would compare them to Laser Ultra’s, Astra green box, Dorco Prime. one of my best shave ever. I would recommend them!

Ryne S.

Customer review

I can't say I had a great experience with these blades on my face. However, I tried them on my long reaching back shaver, and I love them! I picked these up on recommendations from some youtube shavers, but I've quickly learned these are prime examples of YMMV blades. I have thicker facial hair, and slightly sensitive skin. These razors cut okay on the WTG, but I get a lot of tugging on XTG and especially ATG. I don't get any irritation from a three pass shave, but the results are not ideal. By the time I hit a DFS, my skin is extremely agitated and beet red. I switched to some Feather blades, and immediately experienced the shave I was hoping for. BBS with little-to-no irritation. Before tossing the Voskhods, I decided to give them a try on my back shaver, and quickly found that they work amazingly well for my back. My back hair isn't course or thick, but the skin on my back is crazy sensitive. These blades cut exactly like I needed them to, and have not caused any crazy irritation on my back yet. If you have finer hair and/or super sensitive skin, these may be the perfect blades for you! I would definitely recommend trying them if you're looking for a mild razor.


Customer review

Funny to see how one of my favorites gets dissed by some...but that's why you need to keep trying. I always buy these by the 100's. Smooth and efficient in MY hands, but as usual...YMMV.