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Fougère Gothique and Fougère Angelique: August 30 @ 12:00PM EDT!

Fougère Gothique Shaving Soap (Reserve Base):  $27.99 Fougère Gothique Aftershave (Reserve Base):  $23.99 Fougère Angelique Shaving Soap (Reserve Base): $27.99 Fougère Angelique Aftershave (Reserve Base): $23.99 Fougère Gothique / Angelique Master Pack (All 4 items):  $99.99 NOTE:  We had a slight miscommunication between us and Barrister and Mann.  The aftershaves will in fact be RESERVE base aftershaves.  We feel as though this may be a small upgrade from what we previously announced.  We thought it was going to be Deltus.  A pleasant surprise. Large quantities will be on hand.  We do not envision a shortage.  Regardless, due to the demand and limitations of our website hardware, our site may struggle around release time.  Fear not, just return to the site later in the day, and they will still be available. Orders will be shipping in the order they are received, and *should* begin shipping on release day (8/30).  Due to the demand and staffing limitations (Saturday skeleton crew, and employee optional Labor Day), most FA/FG orders will ship the following Tuesday and Wednesday (Sep 3-4) The wait is nearly over!!!
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