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I've been sharpening (honing) straight razors since 2009, and have honed well over 6,000 blades. Mail in honing service is available, with turnaround times typically 3-7 business days.

NOTE:  I do not sharpen the following types of razors:  Current production Fromm, Gierson & Forstoff, Kreigar, Gold Dollar, Mehaz, Master, Selective, anything made in Pakistan or China.

In addition I do not hone razors that have active rust on them!  If your razor has spots of red colored corrosion or rust, I cannot hone them.

To have your razor professionally honed via mail, the process is simple.  Package your razor, a completed PDF form (linked below), and payment (if applicable) in proper packaging, and mail to:

Maggard Razors, LLC
124 S. Winter St. 
Adrian, MI 49221
United States of America

Razor will be honed, and returned to you as quickly as possible.  I generally use a Chosera 1000 grit stone to set bevels, followed by Shapton 4k/8k, Naniwa 12k, and Thuringian finishers.

Fee Table (revised 7/17/18):      

Full Hollow Razors $28.00
Wedge Razors $34.00
Micro Chipping Removal Add $6.00 or contact me
Large Chip Removal Add $10.00 or contact me

Domestic Return Shipping Options

Domestic First Class Shipping FREE
Insurance Add $2.00 per $100
Priority Shipping Add $3.00

International Return Shipping

First Class International Add $7.00


PAYMENT OPTIONS PRFERRED:  PayPal via E-mail invoiced to your email address
OPTION 2: Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Discover via website checkout (link will be e-mailed)
OPTION 3: Check or Money Order included in package made out to:   MAGGARD RAZORS, LLC
I will contact you if the payment made is less or more than required to perform the services.