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Introducing Maggard Razors Pre Shave Oils!

After weeks of testing, we are pleased to introduce our brand new pre shave oil. This blend of 5 different organic, all-natural oils along with a healthy amount of Vitamin E will not only soften your beard, but also helps prevents nicks and cuts by creating a slick barrier between blade and skin, and makes your skin silky smooth. We don’t over-do the scent — it is just a little something to make the experience more interesting - and we are absolutely DELIGHTED with the fact that we are able to offer these extremely high quality products at a FRACTION of the price of the available preshave oils on the market: Only $7.95 per 2oz bottle! Our Maggard Razors Lavender Pre Shave Oil has a wonderful scent that pairs well with Taylor of Old Bond Street Lavender Shave Cream Our Maggard Razors Eucalyptus Pre Shave Oil has a fantastic, clean scent that pairs well with creams that have menthol or mint scents, such as Taconic Eucalyptus Mint or C.O. Bigelow Shaving Cream Next up is my favorite of the four scents available - Maggard Razors Cherry Sandalwood Vanilla Pre Shave Oil.  This stuff is addictive, and the scents are blended together perfectly.  It almost smells like Faygo Rock and Rye soda.  If you aren't from the midwest, you have no idea what I'm talking about - but, just so you know, it is awesome. And last but not least, a wonderful citrus scented oil - Maggard Razors Sweet Orange Pre Shave Oil. A fraction of the cost of competing oils - and scents available nowhere else, I am hoping for great success with these products.  We've worked hard to make them available, and are so excited to be offering them!! -Brad and Casie Maggard
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