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Introducing our first Stainless Steel Handle - the MR8

Weighing in at 180g total (150g handle), this ultra-heavyweight razor handle is made from Solid Stainless steel. The knurling is more accurate and grippy than our Brass handles. Check it our here: Maggard MR8 Stainless Razor Along with the addition of the MR8, we're going to be making some changes in our lineup. More details will follow, but, for now, I can say this: - MR20, MR3B, and MR6B will be discontinued after current stock is sold off. We are unsure if we will re-introduce a black colored razor or not. This is a quality control issue. Sometimes production runs just don't turn out good. We'll keep investigating our options. - A Sub-$20 Stainless handle razor WILL be available within 6-12 weeks.
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