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Open for Business

I am officially open for business! Straight Razors, Restoration and Honing Services, Safety Razors, and TONS of wet shaving gear are all available now in my downtown Adrian store! Thanks to my wife, Casie Maggard, who has been tirelessly working with me to get things ready. We have exceeded my expectations for sales on Thursday and Friday. Check out some of these awesome pictures!
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Magnus - November 18, 2020

Brad your store looks awsome. i sure wish there where a store like yours in sweden :). i love the way you stack the products to. simple yet elegant.

Best Luck

Vati - November 18, 2020

I wish you all the best! I found your shop when I’m looking for replacement parts.

regards from Germany

Brad - November 18, 2020

Thanks you so much!

Al Wilkerson - November 18, 2020

Welcome to downtown Adrian! Best of Luckfrom the DDA group!

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