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Prices going up a bit

In order to keep my wait list under control, I've decided to increase my prices a bit. It may be temporary, it may be permanent, it all depends on how things go. I've come to realize that after I take away my supplies, there ain't much left. And although this is a hobby... I gotta say with every razor I do, I get more comfortable and more confident that I'm producing a high quality product for one of the cheapest prices around. That might even still be true after the price increase! For those of you who already have a razor in my queue, or were in the talk with me for a quote already, my quotes will be fulfilled 100%, no surprises from here. I just need things to cool I've got 33+ razors from people in my queue right now! Thanks for the support, everyone! I am hoping to burn through my waitlist..get caught up, and see if people are still willing to pay my 25% increase! :) lol
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