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Re-branding my site

After much consideration, I have decided to re-brand myself, my work, and my site.  Straight razor edge is such a generic name, and while it was good for google rank, it doesn't help identify my work and me like I want it to.  Luckily my google rank should be preserved if I strategically make the shift to my new brand.  I will definitely keep the old domain, but, over the course of a few months, I will be slowly moving to a new domain name.  I have chosen to use my name as my brand, something that is widely done in the knife and razor making community.  I never really liked my last name, aesthetically for logos and whatnot, but, I am over it now and realize it is the best, most logical decision - Maggard is a pretty unique name.  The new site will be: For now, it just forwards to this site, but, soon things will be the other way around. :)  I will also be "stamping" most of my online content (videos, etc) with the new branding. My facebook page has been up and running for a few months, if you want to "Like" it: My youtube channel is also something to keep an eye on, would love you to subscribe: Thanks to all for keeping me busy!
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