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The Big Move is Upon us!

The Big Move is Upon us!

Maggard Razors is planning on moving our operations this weekend, 2/13 - 2/16.  Although it will be chaotic, our store will remain open for walk ins, but, you might have to do some extra walking back and forth as products might be at either the old or new location while we make the transition, and not everything will have prices listed. A few things of note: -  All orders placed after 3PM EST on Friday, 2/13 will ship on Tuesday, 2/17 in the order in which they are placed.  This isn't only due to our move, but also due to the postal holiday (President's Day).  We figure it is as good a time as any! -  E-mails and phone calls placed after Friday at 3pm may have delayed responses.  If we don't answer just keep in mind we're probably moving shelves, products, desks, display cases, and everything else!! - Our website will remain open for business and we anticipate to move all of our shipping stations and supplies first so that shipping can resume as quickly as possible. Thanks for the support from everyone in the community while we take this huge step!!!
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