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Ultra Rare: 1956 Gillette Gold Toggle, Adjustable 1-5

I don't usually make front page posts about something I'm selling...but.. this razor is just...awesome. From my research, I am aware of only 2 others in the community (although there may be more) -- and only 1 of those having the original pig skin leather case.  This one is also the earliest (Serial #1230) of those that I have found. If you're interested in bidding, it will be going up for auction on E-bay, starting 11/25, and ending 12/5/2011.  Good Luck!!
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ken alper - November 18, 2020

I really would gie my arm for this toggle…..they are amost a non exist….then the one you have is even morerare..please let me know when it comes up for bid…I plan to win it I have every rare gillite has ….expect the toggle….guy had one looked like it came out of the store even had the gold 10.dollar sticker nos…….1500.00 not a penny under….sweetttttt….I at the time have they money…ill get a loan on yours……please excuse my spelling…but its 130 in they morning…eyes are closing…hope you let me know when its up for auction….thank you so much…ken I have done business with you in pastlet me know if you cant understand…mee //..gotta go botheyes are closed….

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