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A $100 Beginners Double Edge Razor Package

A lot of guys ask me, what sort of products should I buy to start out? Based on my personal observations, once someone starts down the road of traditional wet shaving, I have found that they rarely turn back -- so, in my opinion, buying a nice set of mid-budget gear is a really, really good idea. When people buy a cheap brush or razor, many times within a couple months they end up ordering something better. So, why not treat yourself with a BETTER starter set? You'll actually save yourself some upgrade costs later! Here are some suggested items: The Edwin Jagger DE89BL This is an excellent starter DE, but also a DE that is used by guys who have been wet shaving for years. A phenomenal investment! The Simpson Special S1 Best Badger Shaving Brush Simpson's quality is outstanding, and this little "Best" badger brush is an outstanding value. 35 Blade Sampler pack This is a great way to "find your blade!" This package will probably last you a good 6 months of daily shaving. Taylor of Old Bond Street Avocado Shave Cream Start with the best! TOBS is one of the most widely reviewed and loved shaving creams. This 75ml tube will get you started! taylor-avocado-shaving-cream-tub-1006 At $98.50, and free shipping, these 4 products will get you going, and boy howdy, their quality is outstanding. Treat yourself!!

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