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Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades, 100 blades

by Astra
30 reviews

One of the most inexpensive, great performing blades available, these are a favorite among wet shavers. Each ASTRA blade provides unsurpassed quality, smoothness and durability for a long lasting, smooth shave.

Bulk Package contains 100 blades.

NOTE: When you add this item to cart, you will see a second line item showing the individual packs that are part of this bulk pack, with a price of $0.  This does not mean you will be getting double the blades - it is only for our inventory and order picking systems.  Sorry for the confusion, we're trying to figure out a better way to do this but our new website makes it difficult!

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Best All Round Blade

Very nice blade, best all round blade money will buy and thankfully very cheap. They are kind of sharp so good technique is a must but they won't make a slasher film out of your face like the really sharp, expensive blades (not mentioning any names). You do have to concentrate a bit more and use product though. You can put 20% of the effort in and get 80% of the shave with the Stainless and cut yourself less though. The low price and value is further compounded by the fact that these blades can give more shaves than any blade I have ever tried. Once I got 3-4 but honestly they are so cheap and the best are the first two. It's fun because the second shave is less abrasive and you have to change your technique slightly. Since I don't like to try that hard maybe I prefer the second, less harsh shave. The third isn't bad but you can tell there is a slight performance loss but they are still good, rare because most blades are no good after the first, maybe 2nd shave tops. I can get a "decent" 4th if I try. If you are a perfectionist but the uber sharp blades seem to do too much damage to your skin then these Astras are wonderful. On a good day with a well done shave, say after getting out of a warm, heated pool, or during a hot shower, I can still be smooth as a baby's butt 24h after shaving with these. But you have to more careful. These are more for the perfectionist that is willing to take the time but doesn't want to stomach the money for the top end blades or finds they are too abrasive.


Customer review

I normally do not leave reviews, but I was compelled to come on and write a quick one. I just received these today. I actually thought my razor was in incorrectly, because I could not feel the blade on my skin. I was wrong. It was literally just that smooth! I literally couldn’t believe it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a smoother shave in my life. I have extremely sensitive skin, and these were just like butter. Highly recommend.

Bill H.

Customer review

Been my go to blade for ages have never had a bad shave and the price is great 100 blades last for a long time only shaving every other day and getting 3 or 4 shaves out of one blade not even bothering to remove the blade and dry it off. I just change them out just because and not really needing to but at around 12 cents a blade it is no biggie.


Customer review

I am writing an updated review for these blades. I initially tried 2 blades, which were dull, then another blade from a separate box, which was also a dud. This was all probably my dumb luck, but I came back to these blades after running low on other blades and they were amazingly similar to how I remembered them feeling on my face. Has quality control dropped on these? Probably. Would I buy them again? Sure.


Customer review

It pains me to write a bad review here as this is one of my favorite places to order from online. Seriously, you guys are great! However, I wanted to leave a few words of warning. The new stock of Astra sp blades are not comparable to how they performed before. They are dull and very difficult to get a good shave out of. The packaging has changed, as well as the blades themselves. They have a very light print of the brand and only on one side. Overall, they give a cheap impression. I even checked Amazon and people seem to have the same experience. It's a sad day when you lose your favorite brand of blade. But hey, I guess this is an excuse to place another order from Maggards.