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Derby Extra Double Edge Razor, 100 blades

by Derby
11 reviews
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Made in Turkey, Derby blades are platinum chrome coated and provide a very smooth shave.

NOTE: When you add this item to cart, you will see a second line item showing the individual packs that are part of this bulk pack, with a price of $0.  This does not mean you will be getting double the blades - it is only for our inventory and order picking systems.  Sorry for the confusion, we're trying to figure out a better way to do this but our new website makes it difficult!

Bulk Packcontains 20 individual packs of 5 blades for a total of 100 blades
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Derby Extra Rules

Want a super smooth shave? Vikings Blade Emperor Stainless Razor combined with these Derby Extra DE blades is simply the best shave I have ever had. I don’t really “feel” the blade, yet the job is perfect. No tugging, no knicks, just smooth gliding that leaves my face baby bottom soft for eight hours. My hair grows really fast, so this is wonderful.

Library G.

Customer review

Ah, the Derby Extra… I like you, but only as a friend. I finally finished off a 100 count of these blades which I bought for cheap probably ten years ago. It was the cheap that attracted me and they were okay. Seriously and predictably okay. Every shave from the first to the tenth was… okay. Slap a new blade in on Sunday morning and it was… okay. I even tried them with shims and that was okay, too. The Toyota Corolla of blades. The blades you put in the friend zone. And that’s really all I needed in my Merkur 38 which is used only when lack of time or interest precludes the use of my usual straight razors. I will ding these for being overly packaged. Every five blades is packed in a cellophane-wrapped little plastic doohickey. At least they were when I purchased them. Other than that, they’re okay.


Customer review

Definitely one of the best.


Customer review

A friend of mine introduced me to wet shaving and I found this site while looking for shave soaps. I got one of the sampler packs and let me tell you when my friend was talking about how different blades are and how much the razor will make a difference I honestly thought he was exaggerating, but after trying all the various blades in the pack I definitely have to say these blades work awesome. I think they are amazing. I told my friend about them, but like some of the other reviewers he does not like them at all. With as customize-able as this type of shaving is, much of it falls down to personal preference and how you like your shave.


Customer review

These are a great blade for the DB89. They're terrible in my Micro Touch. It just proves that the blade never stands alone -- it has to work well with the razor. I cork my blades but it still seems like about one or two out of every ten is a bit rough. I'd guess it's a quality control issue. I recommend them if you use a DB89 but have reservations about recommending for any other razor. There's no disputing the tremendous value. Buy the hundred pack and replace your blades every three or four shaves.