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Maggard Razors Safety Razor Head V3M (Mild), Chrome Finish

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We've sourced a new safety razor head design that provides an extremely efficient shave with an incredibly mild feel.

These heads are designed similar to a vintage Gillette Tech in that there are not alignment pegs - the blade is aligned with corner notches in the top cap.

There is a substantial gap between the blade edge and the safety bar - -but, at the same time there is very little exposure. This creates an extremely comfortable, efficient shaver that runs through multiple days growth with ease but is so comfortable you'll barely feel the blade!

Standard M5 x 0.8 threading

Materials: Zinc Alloy, Chrome plated.

Warranty: 6 months from date of purchase


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Mark M.

Customer review

Exceptionally mild and effective. No sloppy alignment issues like the standard v3.


Customer review

This is most certainly NOT a mild head. Yes, the angle is very shallow and the blade exposure is nominally minimal, but the blade gap is enormous, and it will happily slice off any sort of bulge or fold of skin that gets in it. In particular, I would recommend NEVER using it for body shaving, I got the nastiest cut of my life that way! Is it the worst razor I've ever used? No, far from that. With enough care, it could be used quite successfully, and it certainly represents great value for the price. In skilled hands it can give good, consistent shaves; it's got the build quality for that. But it's not mild, and not beginner-friendly at all, and it's just too much hassle for me, when I can get great shaves from other razors that don't need as much careful handling and with less irritation at the end.


Customer review

Definitely not a "mild" razor for me! My first Maggard razor (the "standard" in chrome) was excellent, but this one seems to catch every imperfection in my face and really irritates my skin with even the gentlest of handling. I've tried it for numerous shaves, tried different blades, soaps and preshave products, but I'm afraid its destined for the waste basket. The head is anyway--The long stainless steel handle I selected for it is a keeper. It will replace the handle on some other razor.

Rob H.

Customer review

I really had high hopes for this head but it just doesn't work for me. I can think of adjectives to describe it but "mild" isn't one of them. Seems like too much blade exposure for my face. I would describe it as very efficient and very harsh. It's well made but I just can't use it.


Customer review

The V3M is not quite as mild as expected, but it's a perfectly functional razor. It looks like a Tech, but feels a bit more aggressive. For those that are familiar with Maggard's other in-house razor offerings, the V3M is in the same realm of aggression as the standard V3. The difference here is that the V3M has a slightly different feel and angle. The V3M also offers a few upgrades to the V3, such as covered blade tabs and perfect blade alignment. Anyone who has shaved with a V3, V3A, or Maggard Slant head has encountered instances in which manual blade alignment was required. All of Maggard's razors shave great, but with the V3M, you get a great shave without any blade fiddling. Due to the improvements in design, this razor sits at the top of the heap for Maggard branded razors. So, who is this razor for? It's not for folks who want an ultra-mild Merkur 34C or Gillette Tech style shave. Buy if you are looking for an efficient razor that aligns perfectly every time. Impressive entry for such a low cost razor option. This is a perfect travel razor, but could easily be a daily driver.