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Maggard Razors Basic Traditional Wet Shaving Starter Kit

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Everything you need for a better shave.

Since 2012, we have worked tirelessly to bring the best products at an affordable price to the wet shaving community. This Basic kit, priced at $32.99, is the result of that work.

These are QUALITY products, of the same fit and finish of products on the market costing 2-3 times as much. Some might even say parts of this kit are nicer than the big names offer. We would tend to agree with that assessment!

We want traditional wet shaving to grow. There is no better way to make that happen than offering everything you need to get started with the smallest financial barrier possible. More importantly, we're filling this kit with products that won't frustrate new users but instead will give them years of reliable service.

In this kit you'll receive:

One Maggard Razor with solid stainless steel handle and choice of Chrome head

One Maggard Razors 22mm Synthetic Brush with Black Handle

One 2oz Tub of Artisan Shaving Soap. Options include: Maggard Razors London Barbershop, Mango Sage Tea, or Limes and Bergamot, Declaration Grooming Original, and Chiseled Face Ghost Town Barber

15 blades total - 5 Tiger Platinum (ASTRA PLATINUM ARE OUT OF STOCK), 5 Ladas Blades, and 5 Gillette 7 O'Clock Sharp Edge

Not to mention the Crazy fast shipping and stellar customer support (This comes free with all purchases at Maggard!)

We offer a 6 month warranty covering manufacturers defects on all Maggard Razor handles, Maggard Razor heads, and Maggard brushes.

We welcome you to the wet shaving world. Enjoy your stay!


Select Step 1: BUNDLE Basic-Kit-1-Razor-Handle
Maggard Razors DE Safety Razor MR11 Stainless Steel, Handle Only
Maggard Razors DE Safety Razor MR18 Stainless Steel, Handle Only
Select Step 2: BUNDLE Basic-Kit-2-Razor-Heads
Maggard Razors Safety Razor Head Standard V3
Maggard Razors Safety Razor Head V3M (Mild), Chrome Finish
Maggard Razors Slant Safety Razor Head, Chrome
Select Step 3: BUNDLE Basic-Kit-3-Soap
BUNDLE Maggard Razors Basic Kit Soaps
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Great Gift

This made such a great gift for my husband when he started branching out into the non-disposable shave world! Men are hard to buy for but Maggard makes it easy and affordable!

Kaulin C.
Customer review

Very high quality and at an unbeatable price. The soap lathers well, and has a pleasant scent (I got lime and bergamot scent). The razor is nice and hefty, I'm sure it will last more than my lifetime. The synthetic brush is of excellent quality, no shedding whatsoever. Glad I could support an American company.

Customer review

Bought the MR6 and Declaration Grooming Original for my kit, which was my first foray into DE shaving. I am so glad i made the jump as i am loving everything about it. Soap smells great and the razor feels great in the hand and shaves wonderfully. I'm still trying out a number of blades to find the right one, but I love all the stuff i got from Maggard.

Customer review

I bought this starter kit and loved it. The MR1 handle and V3 head were perfect for starting out. The combination of good hardware and the Limes & Bergamot soap made my first wet shave experience an awesome one. The Astra blades that came with this set came highly recommended from the online wet shaving community for a beginner blade. Even the packaging was nice. I've never seen that type of packing peanut before, they looked like white Cheetos. Kudos on the packing peanut choice guys. And the Maggard Razors packaging tape looks nice and professional. I would buy from this retailer just for the packaging experience. I have a package fetish I guess. Thanks Maggards!

Customer review

I recently purchased this set and I think it's the best starter kit you can get for the price. I've had mine for a little over two weeks and the MR18 that I purchased is great. The ability to choose what kind of razor you want (length, weight, design) makes this bundle a great choice to purchase if you're just starting out.