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Maggard Razors Basic Wet Shaving Starter Kit for Women

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Since 2012, we have worked tirelessly to bring the best products at an affordable price to the wet shaving community. This Basic kit, priced at $34.99, is the result of that work.

These are QUALITY products, of the same fit and finish of products on the market costing 2-3 times as much. Some might even say parts of this kit are nicer than the big names offer. We would tend to agree with that assessment.

This package includes the following items:
  1. One Maggard Razor with solid stainless steel handle with chrome head.
  2. One Maggard Razors 24mm Synthetic Brush with Purple or Marble Handle
  3. One 2oz Tub of Artisan Shaving Soap
  4. 15 blades total - Tiger Platinum (ASTRA PLATINUM ARE OUT OF STOCK), 5 Ladas Blades, and 5 Gillette 7 O'Clock Sharp Edge
  5. Crazy fast shipping and stellar customer support (This comes free with all purchases at Maggard!)

We offer a 6 month warranty covering manufacturers defects on all Maggard Razor handles, Maggard Razor heads, and Maggard brushes.

We welcome you to the wet shaving world. Enjoy your stay!

Casie has hand selected these products specifically for the ladies. She has used every one of the items in this kit and feels it to be a great starting point. Her recommendation for the shave routine is as follows:

PREP Make sure to use good prep. Take a hot shower and wash your legs with a glycerin soap. You can even use a pre shave or some Conditioner if you don’t have pre shave. Rub it on your legs and let it soften the hairs.

LATHER Put your lather right on top. You may have to build multiple lathers until you get used to making a decent lather. This is why I love shave sticks. Rub that bad boy on your legs and it will help supplement your lather so you know you have enough. Do one section of leg at a time. Lower, lower, upper, upper. You can even do lower front, lower back…This is so your lather doesn’t dry out. You will get faster with time then can do one whole leg. Be patient!

SHAVE Make sure to shave with the grain first pass. You want to reduce the amount of hair. Then you can go across the grain. I would maybe leave out against the grain until you get a hang of it. I, personally, only do one pass. From ankle to hip, but if you are prone to irritation I suggest starting with out as I stated above. You can decide for yourself what passes are best for your legs.

Be very careful around the knees and ankles. Use no pressure and keep the angle at about 30-35 degrees on all the curves. To make sure you have the correct angle, lay the head of the razor on your skin and rock it down until the blade touches your skin. To maintain the correct angle on all curves you will use short strokes. You want to change the angle with each curve of your leg. To get the back of your knee lock your knee and turn it inward. Then very carefully with no pressure get the inner part of the knee. With the back of the thigh I have had the best luck with bending down, or bringing the thigh up where my thigh is on my chest. This stretches the back of the thigh making it easier to shave. Do not shave on an area without lather. If you need to make touch ups, re-lather.

Be very careful around all your curves/contours/muscles. Also check out my Leg Shaving Video and my Underarm shaving video for starters. Good Luck ladies! -Casie Maggard
Select Step 1: BUNDLE Basic-Women-Kit-1-Razor-Handle
Maggard Razors DE Safety Razor MRP Purple, Handle Only
Maggard Razors DE Safety Razor MR18C Multicolor Titanium Anodized Stainless Steel, Handle Only
Maggard Razors DE Safety Razor MR9 Stainless Steel, Handle Only
Maggard Razors DE Safety Razor MR18 Stainless Steel, Handle Only
Select Step 2: BUNDLE Basic-Women-Kit-2-Razor-Heads
Maggard Razors Safety Razor Head V3M (Mild), Chrome Finish
Maggard Razors Safety Razor Head V3M (Mild), Multi-Color Finish
Maggard Razors Safety Razor Head Standard V3
Maggard Razors Safety Razor Head Standard V3, Anodized Multi-Colored Finish
Select Step 3: BUNDLE Basic-Kit-3-Soap
BUNDLE Maggard Razors Basic Kit Soaps
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Customer review

This was my first purchase from Maggard Razors aswell as my first experience with a safety razor or wet shave. There is a good variety of razors to choose from and the pricesame are outstanding compared to other companies selling similar products online. This package was so helpful and simple to customize. The mango sage shave soap was out of stock so I chose the limes and bergamot scent. I was wary but after smelling it I found it to be nice and refreshing. I chose the marble brush and a few bristles fell out but no more after the first shave.The m9 razor was sleek and easy to use. Very satisfied with my order and plan to buy more products with Maggard Razors

Customer review

I got this kit tso that my husband & I could try out "safety" razors. This is brilliant! Thank you! For thinking this out & putting it together. We got the mr9 razor & I love it. He doesn't complain much about anything, & he didn't have one injury when he was done, me either, now that I think of it! This was definitely a win. No more expensive cartridges, or I. Urn case, ill arm store razors long over used & painfully dull. No is: these won't choke some poor little sea creatures, make a mess of the ocean. I like that too. We used the Astra platinum blade first, & so far so good! I didn't give it 5 stars because there are 2 soap options, & neither sounded particularly appealing to me. I gambled on the lime & I didn't like it. To me, it smells like powdered laundry detergent or something. Not my thing. It's not so bad once one is finished, the lingering part improves, but this was definitely not the right choice for us. Should have tried the mango I guess. I ordered Kells vanilla bean along with this & im so very glad I did! Made the whole experience I'm telling you! I love the purple synthetic brush. Since I'm new to this, this is my one & only shave brush, but it's softer than my makeup brush. I prefer the feel of it for sure. So this is an excellent way to try this out. Otherwise it can be quite expensive. I'm amazed at how FAST everything got here! I'm used to things taking a bit to get up here, but not this! Wow. I appreciate their customer service as well, they were VERY helpful! I also got the block of alum, which was a brilliant recommendation on their part. Haven't had any nicks, but it has other purposes as well,& so far, it's very useful. Thank you. the only thing I'd change is the smell of the Soap. This is a kit for women, & I definitely don't want to smell like that. Other than that, this was exactly what we needed. & it's agree at value. But I think the pucker power of limes isn't the most inviting introduction to this... definitely wish I'd gone With the mango over the lime. :)

Customer review

Absolutely fabulous starter set. My first DE shave was damn near perfect; the soap is easy to work with, the razor is simple and effective, and the brush is nice. All around great starting set, everything is quality and easy to use. I've definitely got confidence to purchase from Maggard again!