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Merkur 25C Long Handle Open Comb DE Safety Razor

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by Merkur
5 reviews
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MERKUR 25C razor. The tooth comb ensures that even longer hairs are painlessly trimmed without clogging the razor. This makes it your best friend when shaving beard and body hair.

Material: Brass handle, die-casted zinc and brass razor head, galvanized surfaces, bright chrome-plated
Product Details: Open comb, straight
Locking system: Short screw, three-piece safety razor
Dimensions: 1.65 in x 1 in x 4.25 in

Made in Solingen, Germany

The head of the safety razor is manufactured using the zinc die-casting process since it creates instruments with maximum precision even for complex shapes. In order to ensure a comfortable weight distribution, we only use brass for the handle. The chrome finish protects the razor from corrosion and underlines the high-quality design.

With this design, the razor blade rests directly on the open comb. While shaving, the tooth of the open comb guides hair and soap directly to the razor blade. This type of design is particularly advantageous for long hair and strong beard growth as the blade head won’t be blocked by cut hair or lather.

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Customer review

I love this razor. I have the 15C which has the same head but a shorter handle, which I replaced with a Maggard handle. The longer handle on the 25C feels great and looks great. This is to me a mild razor which is perfect for the way I shave - Against the grain with pressure, and a lot of face buffing. A more aggressive razor like the 34C or the Futur works well for me but leaves a lot of cuts if I want a really close shave. I get a BBS shave with the 25C with no bleeding at all and no need for an alum block. Like all of my Mercur razors the blade lines up perfectly in the razor. Maggard service was excellent as always.

Max S.
Customer review

I am going to get right to the point.... the aggressiveness is simply not there for me. I own a TTO parker (very mild) also own a merkur 37 c (relatively aggressive) I bought this razor thinking it wouldn't be as aggressive as the slant bar, but from reviews would certainly be more aggressive than a TTO or standard bar razor... this thing is super mild! tried a couple different blades, and for a while i was not sure the razor was even shaving. I will admit the save was extremely comfortable but not very close. Are open comb razors designed for heavy growth? Idk but was hoping for more expose. Other than that, a very nice looking and feeling razor by merkur.

Customer review

The 23c closed comb , and the 25c open comb are both great razors , 25c more aggressive , 23c mild great choice for beginners , can be shimmed to increase aggressiveness . I love both , both have long handles (often referred to as 180 long handle) Great Choices from Merkur !

Walt Dunbar Sr.
Customer review

The 23c (180) ,IMO, is Merkur's every mans razor so it is sold by the millions worldwide. I love mine except for the handle being so skinny. I'll order a new handle from Maggard's selection of replacement handles to have my "perfect" razor. :)

Customer review

My 23C closed comb screw broke off of the top plate. No return email (including photo of defect) from Merkur. Ordering an M6 to replace my Merkur 23C.