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Merkur Futur Polished Chrome Adjustable Closed Comb DE Safety Razor

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by Merkur
2 reviews
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Chrome plated with polished finish. Adjustable double-edge razor has six different depths of blade adjustment.

#1 setting exposes less skin to the blade, while the #6 setting offers up a more aggressive shave. Its sturdy snap-on, snap-off razor head makes cleaning it and changing blades a snap.

Heavy weight.

Made in Germany

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Customer Reviews
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Jay W.
Customer review

This is a great razor but it isn't for everyone. It lives up to its reputation as aggressive, especially when it's dialed up toward the top of its range. More than any other razor I own, the Futur excels at mowing down thick growth and not clogging up. I'm guilty of sometimes going way too long between shaves, and when I do this is the razor I reach for. The trade off for this reward is found in difficulty getting into tight places under the nose and its general unforgiving nature. You'll definitely need to be careful with each pass to avoid weepers or worse. All in all it has its quirks for sure, but I think the Futur has earned a permanent place in my razor lineup.

David P.
Customer review

Just got my Merkur Futur shaved with it and my merkur 51C so as to compare them both side by side and for me the Merkur Futur edged out my 51C just a little the 51C is a very good razor i just like the heft of the Merkur Futur a little better i will use both as for Maggard's advice / service and shipping no one else do it better. Thank you guys. David