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Ogallala Bay Rum and Vanilla Aftershave Splash, 4oz

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Classic cobalt blue glass bottle of Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum & Vanilla Aftershave

Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Purified Water, Alcohol, Fragrance

SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: This product contains alcohol, which is potentially hazardous for shipping. We can not ship it outside of the continental USA. If you are an international customer, this item will be refunded and will not be shipped.

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Customer review

Lately I have been trying a lot of different shave soaps, and aftershaves, Ogallala being one of them. A few weeks ago I decided to try their bay rum shave soap kind of on a whim, and I was blown away at how great it was. Great scent, super creamy lather, slick, great post shave feel, etc. Instantly became part of my regular rotation. So on my next order I decided to try this bay rum & vanilla scent, along with the after shave. First of all, I had the same experience with the soap this time around. Awesome scent and performance. The after shave is where things took a really strange turn. I used my favorite razor, same three pass shave as usual, and then to the splash. I shook the same amount as I would normally use into my hands, and immediately noticed that this aftershave has a very different consistency of any other one I have used. It is almost like a light oil, with tiny droplets of water on the surface. I figured that the alcohol, and oils may not mix very well, and proceeded to smooth the after shave on my face. The feel was very slick. Slick enough to make me wonder if it would soak in, or just sit on top of my skin like an oil. It felt almost like something you could actually shave with, and the scent was really great. I had some residual on my hands so I wiped them on my chest to get the excess off, and then rinsed my hands. Within about one second this stuff starts to burn. A lot. I actually like a pretty bracing after shave, so I was kind of excited to take what I thought was going to be a fifteen second ride. Then it started to burn more, and more, and my chest turned red and started to burn almost like a sunburn feeling, a bad sunburn feeling. I thought it would just wear off after a couple of minutes, but no way man. This stuff is definitely going to let you know it is on for the long haul. After about fifteen to twenty minutes the burning settled down to what I would consider a typical after shave burning tingle. After that, my skin felt soft, and the pores were definitely closed. I think they were too damn scared to dare stay open. The scent lingers, which is not bad, and in fact about an hour after my shave my wife walked upstairs to a different part of the house and asked me what smelled like "apples and cinnamon". It does have a bit of an apple pie type of scent that reminds me of thanksgiving. I will be trying this one more time with only a few drops to see if my experience is any different, but if it is not, this will not be staying with me. The soap is a ten, but I can't imagine someone actually looking forward to the after shave. The only thing I could think of was if you had a bad sun burn, and rubbed cinnamon oil all over it. I also have the Captains Choice Cat O' Nine after shave, and it is like straight water compared to the feel of this one. If you are ready to feel the burn, this is for you.

Customer review

This stuff feels great on the face and what I LOVE about Ogallala aftershave is the staying power. They last most of the day and are noticeable. There is another artesian out there whom I shall not name that always claims his aftershaves last the longest of any artesian aftershaves and that's what he uses to justify a very high price point for his aftershaves. Well two points, his offerings not only do not last as long as Ogallala's, but they are 2 to 2.5 times more in cost for .5 ounces less of product. This stuff is an amazing value and aftershave. I have this entire line. I wish they would make a scent that wasn't based in Bayrum because I can't buy anymore "new" stuff of theirs. WONDERFUL!!

Charles T.
Customer review

This is the new scent from Ogallala. I enjoy all of their Bay Rum after shaves and colognes. Ogallala said that in test marketing this one tested higher than any of their other bay rum scents. I know why! This gives a nice burn after shaving and has a soothing effect on your face. The scent is fantastic! You smell the bay rum but you also get the definite smell of vanilla. It is a clean and refreshing scent. It also lasts a long time, more like a cologne, which I really like. Everyone should try this. I will be ordering more very soon.