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Omega Model 20102 Wood Handle Boar Bristle Shaving Brush, 28mm

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by Omega
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This is a very stylish brush from the famous Omega factory. It features a wooden handle with black and chrome trim. From the "Professional" series this brush is made from 100% Boar bristle and will build up an excellent rich lather. 

Handle Diameter: 30mm
Handle Length: 57mm
Loft: 59mm
Knot: 28mm

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Customer Reviews
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Customer review

This is a fantastic brush for face lathering, works great in my hard water with every soap I have used.

Customer review

The best shaving brush I’ve ever owned. In the past I went for best badger and silver tip badger-what a waste! The costly badger fur is too soft to whip up a good lather. OTOH the boar is strong enough to stand up to the demands of the job. I don’t find it scratchy at all. I didn’t notice any boar smell, even when it was new.. it has lost a few hairs, but really just a very few. Easily makes a great lather. This is the largest boar brush I could find. The size is just fine-not too big, but too big would have been better than too small. Maybe it holds more soap than a smaller brush and therefore uses up your soap a little faster. If so, I can think of more profitable ways to economize. For example, buy this $14 brush instead of a fancy $90 one. This brush is every bit as good and well-made as those, and in my opinion, it is their superior.

Customer review

I'm very pleased with the Omega 20102. The wood handle looks great contrasted with the black. I'm still breaking it in, I have used it less than ten times. The bristles hold a lot of lather. I'm considering getting a second one as a backup just in case they stop making it or whatever. My only complaint is the paper sticker label that started to dissolve and look ugly. A plastic sticker would have held up better. I like it a lot and recommend it.

Customer review

A well made brush breaks in nicely. Makes it easy to get a great lather from soaps or creams, directly on your face. The knot is strong and the perfect thickness, in my humble opinion. My only gripe is that the Omega sticker comes off too easily. Most likely from the hot water, but that is not a deal breaker for me. If you are looking for an amazing boar bristle brush, the 20102 is it! I highly recommend this one!

Customer review

huge brush that produces massive loads of amazing lather. it's so incredibly soft. i find i takes a good amount of time to lather properly with this brush due to its size, so i typically relegate it to weekend use when i have more time to spend working up my lather.