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Fatip Classic Grande Open Comb Black Metal Finish DE Safety Razor

SKU FT-42109
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by Fatip
3 reviews
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NOTE: Our entire stock of Black Metal Grandes have the newer Version 2 head. If you are looking for the older (pre-2017) V1 head, we do not have any.

Fatip's Grande Safety Razor is hollow handled, lighter weight 3 piece razor that is well-balanced and easy to use. It features piped detailing on the handle, a polished black metal finish, and an open comb head which works well with varying lengths of beard growth. A stylish, functional razor at a great price.

Since 1950, Fatip has been producing quality double edge razors with distinctive designs. Handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen, Fatip's razors feature open comb heads, well-balanced handles, and polished metals in a variety of hues. With their classic vintage styling and high performance design, Fatip's razors offer a refined, precise shaving experience.

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Customer review

Sucks! Black finish quickly faded in some places on the handle and head up to of the yellow metal.

Customer review

I bought this because I wanted to try an open-comb razor and not break my bank. I'm so glad I choose this one because it gives a great shave. I do find myself being more methodical in my technique because I feel the blade on my skin more. It gives a really close shave and I only need two passes with this one. I highly recommend purchasing this also looks really cool!

Adam B.
Customer review

I bought one of these after doing some research and deciding to try something more aggressive. I'm glad I bought, it's a nice razor for a nice price. The black metal finish is nicely done throughout, the razor has a very classic look to it. I like the weight and balance, and also the width of the handle. I like the Fatip handle quite a bit and don't find it slippery at all despite the lack of knurling. On my face, I find this razor very smooth and easy to shave with when treated with respect. Just a light touch, a shallow angle, and it shaves like no other razor I own. Between my '56 Flare Tip Superspeed, my Parker 90R, and the Fatip, while I enjoy them all, the Fatip is my favorite to shave with. This is a precision tool. It's also easy to disassemble and clean. My only gripe, and a small one, is that it takes close attention to ensure proper blade alignment when tightening the handle, but once you've done it one time, it's simple to do again. This is more of a slight inconvenience than a complaint. Overall, I would say this is a quality razor worth every penny of its asking price and may be perfect for those seeking a more aggressive razor without investing too much money.