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Fatip il Piccolo Nickel Open Comb DE Safety Razor

SKU FT-42100
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by Fatip
11 reviews
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NOTE: Our entire stock of Piccolos have the newer Version 2 head. If you are looking for the older (pre-2017) V1 head, we do not have any.

Fatip's Piccolo Safety Razor is a finely crafted 3 piece razor, which features piped detailing on the handle and a polished nickel finish. The open comb head works well with varying lengths of beard growth, and the weight of the razor is evenly distributed along its length, making for a well-balanced, easy to use razor. A handsome and functional razor, the Piccolo Safety Razor is a favorite of shaving aficionados worldwide.

Since 1950, Fatip has been producing quality double edge razors with distinctive designs. Handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen, Fatip's razors feature open comb heads, well-balanced handles, and polished metals in a variety of hues. With their classic vintage styling and high performance design, Fatip's razors offer a refined, precise shaving experience.

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Customer review

This is my new favorite razor! I was a little hesitant to order a Fatip because of the mixed reviews but I really wanted to try an open comb razor; I'm glad I did. The fit and finish was extremely good, as was the blade alignment. I looked for an issue and honestly couldn't find one; this simply does not look like a twenty dollar razor. One word to describe the performance is: efficient. The open comb and weight make this a shaving beast. If your technique is poor, the shaving beast will eat you; respect the beast. NO PRESSURE- let the weight of the razor do the work. I'd also suggest a smooth, mild blade (it pairs really well with my favored Astra Green). If you are an experienced wet shaver and you're interested in open combs- get this Piccolo. You will not be disappointed.


Customer review

What a great little razor! Got an excellent one pass shave this morning. I know Fatip has had quality control issues, but the fit and finish on mine was fine. Some of the tooling is a little rough, but it shaved really well!


Customer review

Pretty great little razor at a VERY reasonable price. The Piccolo has good weight, balance, perfect blade alignment, and efficient shaver. It is also a smaller razor hence the name piccolo, for reference is a little smaller than a vintage super speed. One detail I love about this razor is that the ends of the blades don't protrude beyond the head much at all which which I personally like. The only real con I have is that the handle is poorly designed. The second there is any moisture it does become quite slick and since it is a smaller razor it does prove to be a pain to hold on to. This is all avoided by making sure your fingers are always very dry. I think a little bit of knurling would've helped tremendously. That being said this razor does not use the standard threading so putting the head on a different handle is out of the question. I do happen to like this razor very much and it will stay in rotation for me. It would make an excellent travel razor as well and honestly if it wasn't for the handle/threading issue this would have 5 stars easily. Overall it's a great shave, comfortable, great fit, and very affordable. I would for sure recommend this to a friend.

Dale D.

Customer review

My favorite DE open comb razor. Smooth, close shave is the norm with this razor. If I used only one DR razor, this is the one. It matches the shave of my R41 and Futur on setting 6, but needs less effort. The price is wonderful. By the way it is heaver than the Fatip Grande.


Customer review

The Fatip Piccolo is an aggressive but smooth open comb razor. You will want to use a light hand with it to avoid irritation, but if you can keep the pressure off the Fatip will deliver an effortlessly smooth shave. BBS shaves are the norm for this razor, not the exception.