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Fatip il Piccolo Special Edition Black and Gold DE Safety Razor, Includes Two Heads

SKU FT-42121
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by Fatip
5 reviews
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Original price
$34.50 - $34.50
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Weight: 70g

Total length: 80mm

Length Handle: 71mm

Width head: 42mm

A special edition is unmissable, a “jewel” of refinement and stylistic perfection.
The PICCOLO razor, definitely an icon for many fans, comes in a new version Black & Gold with the handle and the top of the head in the color metallic black while the two combs supplied have the gold finish . The end result is really elegant and precious.

With this product, every traditional shaving enthusiast can try out the experience of the two heads, to face any kind of beard and growth.

The Original head with open comb ensures that the razor works well with different lengths of beard growth with a very accurate and deep shave.

The Gentile head with closed comb protects the skin from exposure of the blade and softens its passage, while ensuring excellent results in terms of depth of shaving.


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Customer Reviews
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B. Clark
Customer review

I’ve had this razor for about a year. I absolutely love it. The plate options are great! The gunmetal finish? 90% gone. Leaving the chrome plate. Doesn’t bother me a bit. I’d buy another in a second. Not that I should ever have to.

James B.
Customer review

i would give it zero stars if i could . purchased this razor and you almost need a hammer to get the blade on the top cap and a pry bar to get it off. emailed maggards and was told a replacement wouldn't be any better. and you can't reach out to the vendor, so i am stuck with a defective top cap. i would stay far far away from fatip, i will be looking for another brand and supplier soon.

Greg G.
Customer review

Received and used on 4/3/20. Hefty little razor. The best I can compare this razor to, is the Gillette Tuck Away, however the Fatip razor's handle is slightly longer. Weight feels about the same though. Very comfortable shave, the open comb head does have some aggressiveness to it, but no irritation. Handle has a lot of grip, so shower shaving wasn't a problem. Next shave I will use the closed comb, just to compare. I love the two tone finish on this razor, it just looks like an art piece.

Taylor B.
Customer review

I just received this razor from Maggard's a week or two ago, and so far I am loving it. I have only used the open comb head so far and it is very smooth and efficient. Haven't had really any irritation, and no nicks, which I was sort of expecting coming from only using my 34c and maggard's v3 head. It's very forgiving. It also looks fantastic, though I've only been using it for a short period so I can't attest to how long the finish holds up. Ultimately this is a great razor at a great price, especially for coming with two heads

Customer review

I have thick and coarse facial hair that grows quickly and the Merkur 34 just wasn't giving me the close shave I wanted. I also wanted an all brass razor so why not go with FaTip? Hoo boy, two heads? SOLD. Since my purchase last month, I've really enjoyed my time with this little razor. Both heads are fantastic and I alternate between the two depending on stubble level. The OC is forgiving on angle and will cut stubble with the razor nearly perpendicular to the side of the face. The play in angle took a bit of getting used to but I find myself using this head more, even ATG; fnally, a clean neck! The gentile head is more for daily driving and is nice and smooth -- moreso than the OC -- with Astra SP and 7o'clock yellows. While I really like the razor, the plating is starting to flake on the top cap, which is a real shame because I find the grayish black finish itself quite attractive. After reading about previous FaTip finish quality and the SE being an apparent improvement, I wonder just how much worse this issue was.