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Maggard Razors DE Safety Razor MRP Purple Handle

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The MRP has a long, purple handle great for women.

Quality materials and a great price – it is difficult to go wrong with a Maggard Razors DE. These traditional double edge safety razors are ideal for the beginner, while seasoned wet shavers will appreciate the high quality handles and smooth shaving heads.

Heads: We now offer 6 different heads to choose from. Each comes with its own shaving characteristics.

  1. The V3 Standard: Best for beginners, this head offers a mild-moderate shave with excellent efficiency. Shaves just as well as many of the big name brands with no noticeable difference in quality.
  2. The V2 Open Comb: Another great option for beginners, the V2 Open comb shaves nearly identical to the Parker 24C/26C heads. Super comfortable, and super efficient – this heads gives the results of the aggressive razors without any of the harshness.
  3. The V3A Aggressive: Enthusiasts and those looking for a more aggressive razor to plow through the toughest of beards may opt for the V3A – a highly efficient shaving head that offers plenty of blade exposure. With some time and skill we feel many will enjoy this head.
  4. The V3M Mild:  A milder feel with a high level of efficiency sets this head apart from many other mild heads on the market.
  5. The Maggard Slant Head: Released in September 2016, our new Slant Razor Head is a great way to try out a slant head design without breaking the bank.
  6. The Maggard SS70: CNC Machined Stainless Steel DE Safety Razor Head - 0.70mm Blade Gap - Laser etched serial number and Maggard Logo - Polished stainless steel - Width of the head covers the tabs of the blade - Weight: Head - 1.1oz/30g - Warranty: Lifetime Warranty - Made in China

Materials: Most of the Maggard Razors line come equipped with solid 303 stainless steel handles. The heads of the entire Maggard line are chrome plated cast zinc alloy.

Quality Control: We have visually inspected every single razor for manufacturing flaws. We stand behind these razors – so if you find a flaw that affects your shave, simply contact us and we will resolve the issue!

Handle Compatibility: Our safety razors use standard threading that is compatible with almost all other 3 piece razors (Edwin Jagger, Merkur, Muhle, Gillette, iKon, Above the Tie, just to name a few). 

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BUNDLE Maggard Razors Head Options
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Corin N.
Customer review

So cute and works great! Just got mine today and couldn't wait to try it. This is my very first safety razor, and the learning curve was a much easier process than I anticipated. Gets a crazy close shave, and I will definitely be recommending this product to my friends and family. Also, the price point on this model is an added bonus considering how well made the razor is.

Chris R.
Customer review

Bought kit with this for my wife, including the orange blossom shaving cream and roll on lavender shaving soap stick. My wife loved it!!!! She said that after a few tries, she is getting a closer shave than she had ever had with a disposable and she has to shave less. She prefers the shaving cream because it smells great and lathers better, but say the soap stick will be great for travel. Thanks Maggard! great products, and quick delivery!

Customer review

I purchased this razor for my wife and she enjoys very much she really likes the look and feel. I only gave it four stars because there are minor imperfection on the razor head but doesn't reduce the shave quality at all. But for the price and the good quality shave my wife gets with it no complaints.

Amber L.
Customer review

I love my new razor! It's beautiful and solid.