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Supply The Single Edge Pro Razor, Classic Matte Finish

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  • Made for the pro shavers who want to customize their shave
  • Adjust between 6 main settings and 30 micro-settings
  • Close, comfortable shave
  • Suitable for all skin types

What's Included

Single Edge Pro: Designed to give you the most customized single edge shave. Made for the wet shaving pro who’s ready to dial in their shave. Suitable for all skin types. Available in multiple Alloy finishes.

Shave Dial: Built into the head of this razor is all the customization you want from a safety razor, but never thought you could have. Our shave dial lets you effortlessly adjust between 6 main settings and 30 micro-settings with a flick of your thumb. Allowing you to clean up stubble or mow down a thick, wiry beard with the expert precision you’ve been waiting for.

Black Label Blade Pack: Injector Pack loaded with 8 super sharp blades. Easy to change, safe to handle. Each pack is about a 90-day supply — 8-10 shaves per blade.

How to Use

1. The Single Edge Pro gives you the ability to adjust between 6 main settings and 30 micro-settings. The settings work like your barber’s clippers. Change the setting to how close you want to shave. If you have sensitive skin, or are shaving your stubble every morning, start at a 1. If your face is made of leather and your beard hair feels like steel wool, you should start at a 4. Experiment with the settings - we know you’ll find your perfect shave somewhere on our dial.

2. Insert the key from your blade pack into the head of your Single Edge Razor and push the slider toward the razor to inject your blade.

3. Using the correct angle is very important for a close, comfortable shave with the Single Edge - somewhere between 10-15 degrees rotated from your skin. The easiest way to find your angle is to start by placing the head of the razor flat against your cheek - cutting edge facing the ground.

4. Take a few short, light downward strokes - with the head of the razor sliding against your skin. Then begin to rotate the handle downward - slowly letting the blade make contact with your skin - until the razor starts cutting the hair

5. You found it!

Make sure to use a rich, protective shaving cream to shield your skin from our sharp blades and end your shave with a great after shave to soothe your skin.

Cleaning - If you’ve been using your Supply Pro for a few shaves, it’s probably time to clean behind the dial cover. This will ensure that any shaving cream or stray hairs don’t get stuck back there and clog up any of your Pro’s moving parts.

You can clean it up in four steps.

1. Remove the Cover

We call the tip of our QuickLoad Cartridges the “Key”. It’s the part that you insert into the head of the razor to load a new blade.

To clean the inside of your Pro, place the tip of the Key underneath the bottom of the cover. Then just pop the cover off. You won’t need to use too much force. It should come right off.

2. Rinse and Brush

Once you’ve removed the cover, rinse out the inside of the razor with a small amount of water. Then grab a toothbrush that you never plan to use on the inside of your mouth and start scrubbing.

You shouldn’t need to scrub vigorously if you consistently clean your razor. You will probably see some shaving cream residue and some hair from previous shaves. Use the toothbrush to scrub away the residue and loosen the hairs.

When you’re finished scrubbing, rinse out the razor again.

3. Dry it Off

Use a towel to dry off any excess water. If you want to get really detailed, you can use a Q-Tip to soak up any extra drops of water after you use the towel.

This is a necessary step because you don’t want to leave water on your razor. But once you place your Pro back in it’s stand, any water will drain out. That’s how we designed it to work.

It wouldn’t be much of a “Pro” if it held onto all the water and rusted.

4. Put the Cover Back On

The cover just snaps back in place. Pick it up and pop it right back on.

This is the easiest step, but if we don’t keep it on the list, someone will leave the cover off. That “someone” is obviously not you. But just to be safe, put the cover back on.

Get Back to Loving Your Shave

Now your Pro is clean and ready to use. You should repeat this process every 3-4 shaves in order to keep the inside of your razor clean.

While your Pro will drain every time you put it back in its stand, hair and cream can slowly build up over time. You can stop this from happening quickly by thoroughly rinsing after every shave.

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