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#1121 Vintage Straight Razor - F. Fenney 6/8"

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Manufacturer:   F. Fenney
Country of Manufacture:   England (Sheffield)
Cross Side Marking: F.Fenney Sheffield Warranted
Pile Side Marking:  N/A
Printing/Etch on Blade:   <Star> "The Union Entire"
Est. Mfg Date:  1840-1860
Blade Width:  6/8"+ (0.795")
Blade Grind:  Near wedge
Point:  Barber's Notch
Blade Condition:    Patina; light rust and pitting in a few spots.  Chipping at edge, will require a lot of honing.
Tang Condition:   Visible rust in pivot area.
Scale Material:    Horn
Scale Inlay:  N/A
Scale Condition:  Broken front scale, scales held together with wire.  As-is.


1.  Maggard Vintage Vault razors are sold AS-IS.  What you see is what you get.  Some razors may need extensive work to become usable again.

2.  All razors in the vault should be capable of being restored and used again.  This means no cracks in the blades.  Small (repairable) chips may be present but this will be fully disclosed in the descriptions and photos.  Scales may have irreparable damage, however.  Read descriptions fully and look at photos carefully before purchasing.

3.  Brad will generally *not* be available to perform honing or restoration services on the razors purchased here.  You can reach out to see what kind of workload we have; but, the answer will not always be yes.  If we are able to perform work, it will be at an acceptable market rate (min $50/hr) given our expertise in this field.

4.  Pricing may be above market value for their condition.  This is because we're offering such a massive selection; we know that if you're looking for a SPECIFIC razor it may be the only place you will ever find it.  It also ensures that we make a little bit of money on our inventory - which we have tens of thousands of dollars invested in over the years.

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