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Captain's Choice Venture Artisan Shaving Soap, 5oz

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Venture: Bask in the glory of this upscale, classic fragrance.

Initial notes of a cheerful citrus greet you as you create the lather for your morning routine. Then it occurs to you the scent is somehow more complex; there is more to it but in an indefinable way--You LOVE it just how it is! But it gets better as you apply to your beard...Oh, does it get better...

For your convenience, we chose to put the five ounces of soap into an oversize eight-ounce tub. Why, you ask? Ah, to make sure that none of that luscious lather escapes over the sides when loading your brush. During development over thirty volunteers just raved about the results that this soap brought to their morning routine. Now you can join the chorus!

Ingredients: Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Sodium Stearate, Cocomide MEA, Stearic Acid, Water (Aqua), Cetyl Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Fragrance, Isostearamidopropyl Morpholine Lactate, Triethanolamine.


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Customer review

Excellent, excellent, excellent! Firstly it is a soft soap, so it's best to take out what you want and press it into the bottom of a bowl or scuttle. The lather is rich and tight if you want it to be, it's moisturising and amazing. Tons of slickness and really perfect for a shave. There is also so much residual slickness even if you use a moderate aggressive razor, you can wet your fingers and do touch ups with tremendous cushion. Post shave took me 3 washes with water to remove it all... wow so fantastic! So performance is right up there. Now the scent because for me that's super important. It's nice quality full oceanic scent with depth and body 7/10 in terms of strength, a sweet spot, think cool water, acqua de gio, eau sauvge. This will pair with anything that FRESH. Captain's choice Venture gets a thumbs up on this one very well crafted shaving soap, thank you!


Customer review

Have bought the soap after a sample. Please with all of Captain Choice soaps. All lather well and have good balance of scent. This one is certainly toward that open sea and freshness. Its accompanying aftershave is nearly there as well.


Customer review

I ordered the full container after a sample. The sample has a stronger scent upon opening, but once the lather started going it smelled great. It isn't the easiest soap the lather though. I found I needed more soap and time than usual. Not a huge difference, but definitely noticeable. I'm not yet sure if I'd order this again. I like the smell, and the shave is great, but there are so many great soaps out there.


Customer review

It is a soft soap and therefore very easy to use. When opening the jar you smell a very nice somewhat fresh scent. Strength of the scent while opening is below mid, about 2 to 3 I would say. The scent is difficult to describe. The notes that are mentioned is citrus right on top, however I personally find it more a light orange scent. Reminds me of Cremo, However Venture is a bit more sophisticated. A very nice smell! Creating lather isn’t a problem, you’ve got it in no time. The lather is rich, however there is little cushion. It isn’t slick like I’ve experienced with other soaps. Nevertheless, while shaving all goes well and you’ve got yourself a smooth shave with this fine product. Scent strength while shaving is remains about a 3. The post shave is good, not excellent because the absence of slickness in my case and therefore also the absence of a kind of protection layer which takes care of my skin. Remember, the scent is very nice , it fades away within the hour there is very little left as a post shave experience. All in all, a very good soap with also a very nice scent that is great for your everyday shave. Will I recommend this soap? Yes I will!