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Cella Milano Crema da Barba Shave Soap, 1000g Brick

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by Cella
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Scent: Almond

What can I say? This is around Around 3-4 years worth of soap if you are daily shaving. You've REALLY gotta like Cella to buy this. Personally, I think it is worth it for the awesome box graphics. Everyone should have a Cella 1kg Brick I think. Sounds logical, right?

Extra Extra Purissima is the slogan that has always accompanied the iconic vintage packaging of Cella cream soap. Unique and inimitable for 100 years, the barbers’ favourite.

It is still produced today according to the original production process created back in 1899
"Its excellent quality and high performance are the greatest gift the consumer could wish for"
This is the original description of the super-concentrated formula which, with just a small quantity of product, can be lathered up to create a creamy, soft, firm foam.

"Surprisingly gentle"
This description emphasizes how the Cella cream soap helps the blade glide over the skin, ensuring an irritation-free shave and soft, fresh skin.
And last but not least, its characteristic, unmistakable almond scent... Simply irresistible!!!

To obtain a soft, firm foam, wet the brush in warm water, pick up the cream soap and begin to lather it in a bowl with circular movements, then lather up the face, spreading the foam over the skin evenly, right down to the root.

Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera Oil, Tallow, Stearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Aqua, Potassium Carbonate, Parfum.

Made in Italy

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Fantastic Shave Soap

I'm on my 3rd kilo of Cella, keep the kilo wrapped up in the fridge and cut off a piece as needed. I can't imagine not using Cella, it lathers fast, is slick, hydrating, has long-lasting lather, and has a pleasant almond scent. With my other two soaps in rotation, a kilo lasts me two years. At a price point of about $1.15 per ounce.


Customer review

If you aren't already: Face Lather! There's an incredible difference between that and swirling a brush in a bowl. Get some on your face and use that badger brush, within seconds it'll become something you'll never want to live without. I use this soap exclusively and have been for about a year now, I look forward to it every time. I love everything about it: The texture, the scent, the intense explosion of soft, rich lather. Since this is a BIG size, you can slice pieces off to give away during the holidays - or just because you feel like sharing the love! If you store it, use saran wrap + tupperware/vacuum sealer + a dry, dark place. Viva Italia - Cella extra extra purissima, since 1899!

Mark W.

Customer review

A great shaving soap from Italy at "Brick Bottom Price"! I cut up the brick into 250g chuncks and press them into plastic salad/sauce containers with lids so that I can store them or give-away presents to my shaving buddies.

Terry S.

Customer review

I've used Cella (in the red tub) as part of my roatation for about a year. Forum participants on Badger and Blade were talking up the 1 kg package -- generally opining if one likes the red tub, we'd love the "brick.". So, I ordered mine from Maggard and received it promptly and in perfect shape as we Maggard fans have come to expect and appreciate. This is one big block of Cella. Echoing most reviewers: it's a marvelous product and although the ingredients may be the same, I think this product makes a better, more slippery lather. Its scent seems a tad softer than the red tub product's. Like Chux in the preceding review, I love the condition of my skin since using it exclusively. This may be due to the tallow base instead of glycerin. A few words about logistics and storage. The texture of the brick is akin to Play Dough. The packaging is a bit of a surprise in its simplicity. Wrapped somewhat loosely in a plastic wrap, it was quite moist and more maleable than I'd expected. I took a 100 gram slice and packed it into an empty Art of Shaving soap jar to use for my shaves. The remaining 900 grams are now cut into about four chunks and loosely wrapped wax paper (to separate chunks) and cling wrap. The chunks are stuffed into an airtight glass jar and (reportedly) will keep for several years if not open to the fresh air. The jar, of course, is a whopper but quickly found at our local hardware store -- likely used by home canners. So far, so good. If it keeps, my soap costs will be rock bottom, my lather superb, and I can sneak a peek from time to time at that jolly old fellow on the box that sits right next to my storage jar.


Customer review

I bought a sample size, pressed a little in the bottom of my mug and then dipped & twirled my wet brush lightly into the mug and proceeded to get a surprising amount of rich, slippery and mildly fragrant lather. My razor glided easily and with my sensitive skin, especially some of these different cremes and soaps I have to be careful that any stinging early in the test or first use and I hurry to get it off. But geez this is a great, mild, pleasant smelling, lathering machine of a soap. And another surprise was the post shave feel and it's been awhile since feeling that pleasant sensation where my skin feels very clean & tight. No wonder this one's been around so long!! So I'm going to keep that in my mug and give the other half to my elderly father who still thinks William's is top notch (not me, that one's a burner if there ever was one) and we'll see if he thinks like I do that this is perhaps much, much better. Thumbs up for Cella Crema except maybe for the size of their retail package. I mean I enjoy good buys like everyone else but this is a LOT of shaving soap for the money!!