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Derby Normal Moisturizing Shaving Cream, 100g Tube

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by Derby
4 reviews
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Moisturizing Shaving Cream in a tube.

No frills, great price.

100g tube made in Turkey.

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5.0 Based on 4 Reviews
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Customer review

Milton and David are quite right regarding the smell of this cream. It is subtle but there is something very special to it. You know how you get a song stuck in your head and you're not satisfied until you hear it again? That's how this scent has been for me. It gets stuck in my nose brain and I have to go smell it to get my fix. It's a mild, barber-y, clean, comforting scent. The performance of the soap is great as well. More so than any other soap I've used (about 10 different kinds so far, mostly artisan stuff and Arko) it left my face feeling very soft and moisturized. Which makes sense cause it's advertised as a moisturizing cream. Took a little bit of work to lather but it was very nice, slick, and cushiony. It didnt explode with lather but it still covered my face effortlessly for 3 passes. NEVERMIND THE FACT THAT ITS ONLY $3 FOR A TUBE. Will definitely try the other Derby creams. Oh and it paired very nicely with Clubman Vanilla aftershave.

Customer review

If you judge your shaving supplies by performance over hype, DEFINITELY TRY THIS CREAM! I dismissed it at first, judging by price. Huge mistake. Found it the other day behind that god awful Midnight Stag in my soap drawer, and figured what the heck let's give it a go. I wasn't expecting the shave I was treated to. Seriously, I have A LOT of soaps and creams, and this stuff performs better (for me) than all but Wool Fat and a Tallow soap I found on Etsy, but lathers better than both with minimal effort. Seriously top tier glide and cushion, lather goes on thick and stays put. Post shave is that near perfect mix of not drying at all but also not so moisturizing it leaves your face feeling kind of greasy. Overall, this cream deserves a shot. Will it class up your bathroom counter like a tin of Pre 63, a bowl of Dr Harris or that timeless ceramic jar of Tabac? No. But in my honest opinion it outperforms all of them.

Customer review

This is my my favorite regular shaving cream. I love this stuff. I can't get enough of the smell. I used to switch between this one and their menthol offering, but, now, I mix them both together, the whole year round. I used to switch to menthol for the spring and summer, and the super normal for the fall and winter. But, now I mix them both together for the duration of the calendar. This makes the best lather. There is simply no better smelling shaving cream. It smells exactly like shaving cream is supposed to.

David H.
Customer review

I love this cream. It has a very mild smell but it is so intoxicating. This cream makes a nice lather with ease.