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Epsilon Aftershave Samples, 12ml

by Epsilon
4 reviews
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Made in Spain with Passion

At Epsilon we feel something that makes us move forward every day with enthusiasm, it is the courage to face the creation of products for the care of men with true passion. Our leitmotif is recurrent and consists in offering our clients a wide range of products of the best quality. May they truly help that man concerned about his image and taking care of his body, to improve and enjoy in the process.

01 Blue Mediterranean is a classic Alcohol-based aftershave splash made to be an exact reproduction of the classic Floid Blue scent. Powdery Barbershop Scent.

02 Scottish Spirit is set in the authentic Scottish essence. Its base notes of patchouli, sandalwood and a touch of smoky aroma will transport you to a center heart, Cinnamon and anise with a final woody aroma with a mixture of cloves, petit grain, lemon and cypress.

03 Amber has base notes of Vetiver, patchouli and musk that will lead to a heart of tonka bean, cedar and vanilla with final notes of mint, mandarin and roses.

04 Classic Mint is refreshing menthol-based aftershave lotion. Calms and revitalizes the skin, leaving a pleasant feeling of well-being. Closes the pore avoiding infections thanks to its antiseptic and astringent effect.

SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS FOR AFTERSHAVES: These products contain alcohol, which is potentially hazardous for shipping. We can not ship it outside of the continental USA. If you are an international customer, this item will be refunded and will not be shipped.

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Customer Reviews
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Customer review

I can only say that thankfully I bought only a sample. It smells old. Like your old uncle using a bottle of imitation old spice or stetson from the dollar store. May be just the sample I have, maybe not. Could just be like the other reviews - it is for you or it is not - for me, it is not.

Brock W.
Customer review

I never used Floid Blue so I can't compare Epsilon in terms of likeness. The Epsilon scent from the bottle reminds me of the scent of a common shampoo or hairspray. After applying, I only get a very faint floral/powdery sent with minimal sillage. Of course....YMMV.

Dan D.
Customer review

Floid Blue fans, just get this. Get it now. There are many Floid Blue-inspired scents around, but this one just absolutely nails it. To me it is virtually indistinguishable from the original. It is a great performer, too. To my face. FB is a bit burn-y, but Epsilon goes on nice and cool and smooth and not burn-y at all. I have a weird sensitivity to menthol, but this one really works for me, and my skin feels a bit more luxuriated (is that a word?) after. The scent lingers a little longer than FB, too--I catch a whiff of it on myself well past lunch. But then, I tend to use it like my wife uses her body splashes, lol.. So if you're jonesing for some Floid Blue and tired of making that last little bit of your stash stretch as long as possible, pick this up and you won't be sorry. P.S. I hope Epsilon comes out with some other scents.

Customer review

Fresh clean powdery scent. Very similar to Floid Blue.