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Feather New Hi-Stainless Double Edge Blades, 100 blades

by Feather
9 reviews
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Made by the Feather Safety Razor Co in Japan these are the ultimate razor blades for sharpness. Described by some as the “assassins blade” of double edged safety razor blades. This blade is great for more experienced users.

Each individual package contains 10 blades.

This item contains 10 individual packages of 10 blades each.

NOTE: When you add this item to cart, you will see a second line item showing the individual packs that are part of this bulk pack, with a price of $0.  This does not mean you will be getting double the blades - it is only for our inventory and order picking systems.  Sorry for the confusion, we're trying to figure out a better way to do this but our new website makes it difficult!

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Worst of All Worlds

What if there was a blade that was so sharp it shredded for face so you had to shave so gently it didn't cut at all? What if it cost WAY more than all the other blades? Well fear not that terrible, undesirable, overpriced blade has been brought to you by Feather. It does nothing well. If ever you wanted to discourage someone from ever trying wet shaving just buy them a sample of these as a gift. There are far smoother, gentler, cheaper, more durable options that cut beard better and don't do a number on your skin. To add insult to injury after a single shave they just don't cut beard anymore so they are a terrible value, for all that money they lose whatever edge they purport to have in any way that matters but despite losing their edge right away they do still slash your face every time you're unfortunate enough to keep reusing them. I suggest buying a single pack to try out and see what all the hype is about. There are no hard and fast rules, I am sure more than a few people can get these blades to work for them; I know for sure I and no one I know that wet shaves would be one of them. Buyer beware.


Customer review

My perfect blade. I apparently need very sharp blades, although I don't know why, every other blade gives me horrible razorburn. These are crazy nice and are priced as such versus other DE blades, but the price is still so much lower than what I would spend on cartridges, so I let myself really splurge on these. DON'T BUY THESE OFF OF AMAZON. I understand the price looks slightly lower (some days), but a large number of blades off of generic stores online are counterfeit and are dull as hell.


Customer review

Expensive,VERY sharp and consistent DE blades(no duds for japanese QC!)but a bit rough for my liking,or perhaps my heavy handling.They demand lightness and care all the time or you may get hacked in no time,even with the slickest of lathers.In more timid razors(in my merkur 933 for example,or the 33C)they pair greatly and are very easy to use.Newbies should avoid it IMO though.


Customer review

You get exactly what you pay for with these blades. Sharp and smooth. Let your razor do the work and apply very little pressure. They also last longer than the less expensive blades so in the long run it is about the same cost but you get a better shave.


Customer review

Best blade I've used. The reviewers calling these "assassin's blades" aren't kidding... Ninjas must shave with this stuff.