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Maggard Razors Artisan Shaving Soap Samples

24 reviews
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  • Choose from the scents below, or choose them all!
  • Each container is hand packed by one of the Maggard Razors team from bulk Maggard Razors soap tubs.
  • Each sample is enough for approximately 5 shaves!
  • The 1/4oz jars will be filled to the bottom of the threads.
Scent Notes:

Lilac - Lilac scent is a fairly true to life lilac scent. This particular scent is made with fragrance oils.

Limes & Bergamot -  Fragranced with 100% essential oils. A light, fresh lime scent along with the complex citrus, slightly sweet, spicy, floral notes from the Bergamot oil.

London Barbershop - A mix of bergamot, basil leaf, oakmoss, and white patchouli. It is one of our best selling soaps in our store!

Mango Sage Tea - Fragranced with a blend of fragrance oils that smells absolutely wonderful. A fruity, sweet, fresh scent with some complex undertones that can be enjoyed by women and men alike.

Orange Menthol - Fragranced with 100% essential oils, menthol crystals for a light cooling effect. Sweet orange and cool menthol, for a wonderful, cool, sweet, citrus shave.

Tobacco & Leather - Has a sweet, warm leathery scent with hints of pipe tobacco.


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Customer Reviews
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Customer review

Tried the Orange and Menthol scent. It is plain and simple, works up a lather really well and is good. A nice change from all of the complicated scents and soap combinations being touted.

Customer review

Tried out the limes and bergamot - nice light citrus scent, great lather and left my skin super smooth. Works well with DE and SR shaves. Really nice soap, will be coming back for more when my sample runs out.

Michael W.
Customer review

Just got 2 samples. Orange Menthol & Mango Sage Tea. First of all they are artisanal Shave soaps made with TLC by a lady in Michigan. Both whip up a very nice cream on the face. After 3 passes, nice clean smooth shave. I like it. Nice scents.

Customer review

I tried the London Barbershop sample - my first from this brand. I absolutely loved the lather. Thick, rich, and creamy. I got a great shave. Unfortunately, this particular scent is not for me. I will definitely have to try some of the others.

Customer review

I tried the Lilac sample. It lathered up a lot more than I expected it to. The lilac fragrance was just right without being too strong. Not a fragrance a man wants to wear but for shaving its great. I'll soon be ordering more of this one for sure along with maybe a few other Maggard samples to try. I have to admit the lilac sample reminded me of when I was growing up on a farm in Wisconsin. My mother had a lot of lilac bushes and it seems everyone loved the fragrance of them. Thank you Maggard for your great products!