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Maggard Razors Build a Brush Workshop - Choose your Handle and Knot

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This bundle includes the following:

- Maggard Brush Handle - 2 colors / 3 sizes to choose from
- Maggard Knot - 8 hair types to choose from
- Silicone Adhesive Packet (optional)

We've taken off $4.00 when you purchase these items together! If you purchase a compatible combination, we will test-fit the brush -- but if you order two incompatible item's we're going to assume you meant to, and will not contact you regarding the order before we ship. We are not responsible for incompatible orders!

NOTE: We do not set brush knots at our store. You'll receive the separate items and must set the knot yourself. We won't make exceptions to this rule, I'm sorry! I realize it only takes a few minutes, but, multiply by hundreds and we simply do not have the staffing to do this. We choose to bring you a less expensive price instead.

In addition, you will need to ensure your combo is compatible. Please see below for compatibility:

SHD Fan:
24mm SHD Fan Knot: 25mm Handle
26mm SHD Fan Knot: 27mm Handle
28mm SHD Fan Knot: 29mm Handle

SHD Bulb:
24mm SHD Bulb Knot: 25mm Handle
26mm SHD Bulb Knot: 27mm Handle
28mm SHD Bulb Knot: 29mm Handle

Silvertip Badger:
24mm Silvertip Knot: 25mm Handle
26mm Silvertip Knot: 27mm Handle
28mm Silvertip Knot: 29mm Handle

2-Band Badger (Bulb or Fan):
24mm 2-Band Badger Knot: 25mm Handle
26mm 2-Band Badger Knot: 27mm Handle
28mm 2-Band Badger Knot: 29mm Handle

Mixed 70/30 Badger/Boar:
24mm Mixed 70/30: 25mm Handle
26mm Mixed 70/30: 27mm Handle

Timberwolf Synthetic:
24mm Timberwolf Knot: 25mm Handle
26mm Timberwolf Knot: 27mm Handle
28mm Timberwolf Knot: 29mm Handle

Beige Synthetic:
24mm Beige Synthetic: 25mm Handle

Brown Synthetic:
24mm Beige Synthetic: 25mm Handle
26mm Beige Synthetic: 27mm Handle

Black/White Tip Synthetic:
24mm Black/White Tip Knot: 25mm Handle
26mm Black/White Tip Knot: 27mm Handle
28mm Black/White Tip Knot: 29mm Handle

Standard Synthetic Knots:
22mm Standard Synthetic Knot: 25mm Handle
24mm Standard Synthetic Knot: 27mm Handle
26mm Standard Synthetic Knot: 29mm Handle


Select Step 1: Brush Knot Options (Variable)
Brush Knot Options (Variable)
Select Step 2: BUNDLE Brush Handle Options
Maggard Razors Shaving Brush Handle Only - Sky Blue Base Color
Maggard Razors Shaving Brush Handle Only - Midnight Blue Base Color
Maggard Razors Shaving Brush Handle Only, 25mm, 27mm, or 29mm - Sandy Pearl Base Color
Select Step 3: Hardman Silicone Adhesive for Setting Brush Knots, .5 grams
Hardman Silicone Adhesive for Setting Brush Knots, .5 grams
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Joe S.
Customer review

Ordered this Maggard Razor brush workshop for my wife's birthday and she loves the color and the knot. I set it up with no problem and in two days later she went on to use it herself.

Customer review

I've been in the market for a quality badger brush, however in reality they are either too expensive, or it's a case of "too good to be true". A friend of mine recommended I try building my own brush through Maggard Razors, and boy am I glad I did! I went with the 28mm SHD badger brush in a midnight blue handle and I can honestly say for the price it rivals brushes costing 2-3 times more money. Overall Maggard Razors knocked it out of the park with this offering, they even glued it for me too free of charge ;).

Customer review

I was traveling through Michigan on vacation and made a special trip to Adrian, MI to visit Maggard Razors in person. I am very glad I did. I spent several hours looking at all the cool stuff they had. I could have happily spent all day there (had I arrived when they opened). Brad was happy to answer any of my questions and show me any item they had in stock (excellent customer service!). I asked about synthetic knots and he showed me all the ones he carried. I saw these handles on display and loved the way they looked and felt in the hand. Brad showed me all the color variations of the sky blue handles. In the end, I picked up the 25mm sky blue brush handle with the Maggard Timberwolf 24mm synthetic knot (along with the Hardman Silicone Adhesive). I also picked up the Maggard black with white tip synthetic 24mm knot as well. Using two pea size globs of adhesive, I was able to glue a knot to the handle. Brad mentioned going with this approach so I could change the knot later if I chose to do so. I liked the Timberwolf knot with this handle the best (of the two knots I bought). This combination is one of my favorites.