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Maggard Razors Chromium Oxide Paste 0.50 micron, 20g

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Chromium Oxide Paste is a great way to get a few more shaves out of your straight razors, or polish the bevel after a honing session.

A very small amount of our Chromium Oxide Paste goes a long way!

Usage is simple! Just take a tiny amount - about as much as you can scoop out on a toothpick - and apply it evenly on an area of your strop/balsa/felt. Afterwards, use the back of a spoon to carefully rub it in. Allow it to dry out overnight, and you're all set. Re-apply after 10-20 uses, or you feel as though the results are lacking.

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Customer review

Simply put,bthis stuff is top notch. I'm fairly new to straight razor maintenance, but I was blown away by what a difference a pasted strop made in touching up my straights. Wow. This product cuts quickly and made my blades feel oh so smooth. Thanks!

Mark M.

Customer review

I just had to write a testimonial to you Brad and Casie Maggard, and to not just the company, but to any and all of your customers, both past and for those considering your Chromium Oxide paste consisting of 0.50 Micron's... I knew that the green Chrome/Oxide Bar I was using was sub-standard, however it was all I had ever seen or known for that matter. However, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your paste while shopping through your many awesome Sharpening stones and strops on eBay one day. True. I had never seen this paste and wasn't sure how it'd do, but now I am. It is (( THE )) most superior product that I've ever seen, which does everything it was designed to do and then some. This Green paste, which is around 30,000 grit is the smoothest substrate I've ever applied to my strop, --and with the iron oxide being 100,000 grit, I get that point of sharpness I've always been searching for. After I complete my stone sharpening, I simply use my strop coated with Green Chromium Oxide, then switch to my side with the Red Iron Oxide, and the to make sure my blade is shaped accordingly, I then hit up my leather strop and I can bank on the ultimate edge, that is, thanks to you guys at Maggard Razors. One word of caution, after buying this product, I had the uncanny urge to buy more in the event you guys ever ran out. Haha. Thanks so much, Mark in Ky.