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Maggard Razors Customizable Two Head Bundle

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Bundle includes two of our Maggard Razor heads, discounted 15% off of retail price. This package is for these 2 heads only (no handles included)

Select Step 1: BUNDLE Maggard Razors Head (2-Pack)
BUNDLE Maggard Razors Head (2-Pack)
Select Step 2: BUNDLE Maggard Razors Head (2-Pack)
BUNDLE Maggard Razors Head (2-Pack)
Customer Reviews
4.7 Based on 3 Reviews
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Customer review

I take the heads of V3 and V3A in June. The quality of goods can be evaluated as above average quality of performance. Design a simple but thoughtful. I use my old and long handle. I use our head when one first shaving V3A then V3. Shaving satisfied.

Customer review

I have to start by saying I'm a straight razor guy, but I also do a lot of traveling and throwing a strop in your dope kit takes up more room that, could otherwise be filled with tiny bottles of rum. Enter this sweet little combo. Being new to the safety razor thing I figured it would be a good bet to try these two heads. Had a first shave with the V3 which delivers a great shave, didn't feel like I was in any danger of nicking myself, so next round tried the V3A. The cut on the first pass was really better than I could have expected, close, clean and smooth, no weepers. I ordered the heads with an MR5 handle and, an assortment of blades (the ones I used before writing this were the sharks), the nice weight combined with the V3A head was better than any plastic commercial razor I had ever tried to throw in my go bag. Long story short I'll never give up my Boker straight, but this fine set up from the folks at Maggard's is and will from here on be, my go to travel razor, and of course as a welcome alternative for those times when impending calamity can't be held to wait on a strop. Thanks again for a fine product.

Customer review

Fantastic! Used the V3 with my MR6 handle and great shaves. Used the V3A my EJ 86 with great shave. Can't wait to try the V3A with the MR6. Trying different blades to see what works best in the current matches for me.