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Maggard Razors Leather Travel Razor Case

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Designed to fit the Maggard MRT Travel Handle along with one pack of DE Blades and one DE Razor Head.


3.5" x 2.5" x 0.5"
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4.0 Based on 2 Reviews
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Customer review

Not a bad idea for a travel bag. It has an elastic loop in the center for putting something in. For me this is just getting in the way. I bought the MRT travel handle, and in there I have that, an ikon shavecraft head and a 10 pack in a plastic case, similar to the feather case. I am having a hard time closing the bad. The shavecraft top cap screw is a bit long, that doesn't help. The MRT handle is almost a bit too long as well. I can get the thing closed, but it its not as easy as ABC haha. Still worth it, and very cool but I was hoping it would be a better fit. I prefer not to have the razor head and handle touching for travel, hence they can bump into each other and damage plating/coating. The loop would be better off to one side, I end up putting my blade pack between the two so they don't collide.

Customer review

Very Nice case, Far better then others that I have owned. When coupled with the Maggard Travel Handel and a V3A head, you will not find a better set