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Maggard Razors Orange Menthol Shave Soap with Tallow, 4oz

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Shave Soap Scent:

Orange Menthol is fragranced with 100% essential oils, and contains menthol crystals for a light cooling effect. The sweet orange smell is balanced well with the cool menthol, for a wonderful, cool, sweet, citrus experience. We purposely kept the menthol low on this soap. If you are expecting something that will freeze your face off ,this is not it.

Our shave soaps now ship in high quality thick-walled PETG jars, 100mm diameter (approx 4″), and are a slim 1.5″ tall with lid . The jars and shave soaps are made in the USA!

Our shave soaps are made through the hot process. Their consistency is a soft soap, similar to an Italian soft soap. The jar opening is nice and big for all sorts of brushes, big and small.

Our shave soaps are made by Maria Arman, a soap maker and potter from Michigan. Check out her website at

Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Water, Coconut Oil, Tallow, Potassium Hydroxide, Essential Oils, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Menthol, Sodium Lactate


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A Maggard Razors Customer
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Awesome soap

I used this soap for the first time today and it has quickly become my new favorite. The scent is fantastic, like fresh orange peel with the perfect amount of menthol added. The soap performs perfectly for me. It loads quickly onto the brush, and a pea size amount easily makes enough for a three pass shave. There is plenty of slickness and it leaves a great face feel thanks to the menthol. I'm looking forward to trying some of the other scents but this one is a must.

Peter B.

Customer review

Got to say this is my favorite 'go to' soap when I have missed af a day or two.


Customer review

I love this soap. I started wet shaving about 2 years ago and have been trying different soaps and creams recently, trying to find what I like, and my skin likes best. This was wonderful. It has a great orange aroma. Not an artificial orange smell, but a smell of making your own orange juice. It does have a mild to mild-medium menthol feel, but not overly strong. The best part about this soap I found was how well it glides. I’ve had issues with other soaps and creams that either dried out/evaporated on my face too quickly, or did not have a good glide to them. I have sensitive skin and I was able to do 3 passes for a BBS shave and no irritation. This soap is a winner to me.


Customer review

Lovely fragrance. Very good protection. NO Menthol! If you’re buying this Because of the menthol? Please look elsewhere!


Customer review

One of the best smells ever. It's like swimming in a pool of orange cream. :D