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Maggard Razors Safety Razor Head V3A (Aggressive), Chrome

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Our V3A Aggressive closed comb safety razor head is for those looking for a bit more "bite" in their shave.

With a wider blade gap, more exposure, and less blade curvature, this razor is great for those looking for more control over their shaving angle. Be careful though, the V3A can bite! For those interested, there is a few things that should be said:
  • There is a little bit of blade play on these heads
  • Alignment is best if blade is lined up with top cap and held in place on ends of cap while tightening down onto base plate.

Standard M5 x 0.8 threading

Materials: Zinc Alloy, Chrome plated.

Warranty: 6 months from date of purchase


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Galen SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

This head has me scared to use it as there is a definite drop on one side of the head’s edge. If I put a blade in it one side will be very aggressive possibly to the detriment of my face, so once again it was a galant experiment but will stick with the Ikon.

Casey J.
United States United States

V3A Good Mid Aggressive Head

This head is meaningfully more efficient/aggressive than standard R/DE89s. Somewhat similar to Parker 3 piece razor heads, but maybe a little more blade feel. I like it and thinks it’s a great deal although there is some play between the two pieces so you may need to pay attention to getting the blade in squarely as you lock it down tight for shaving.

Rick H.

Customer review

I really like this razor head. It is pretty aggressive, but will not cut your face off. The blade alignment and the way it fits into my Edwin Jagger handle are both good. It is quite a value for the price and the team at Maggard really know their products well. I got great service from them and they were prompt in answering me and shipping out my purchase. Highly recommended.


Customer review

Incredibly smooth and close shave. I went from using Parker 24C (past 4 years) to this razor (~2 months so far), and I'm so upset I didn't discover this sooner. This is not aggressive in my experience, actually much smoother than the Parker (which I understood to be an entry level razor). I was looking for something new because my neck started having razor burn and ingrown hair trouble. This razor requires NO force at all to cut super smoothly, resulting in no irritation in my experience and I can finally now go against the grain for special occasions (still get irritation if trying regularly, but that might be blade choice). I'm still finding the right razor to match, but my ranking (from 1-2 blades each, so far: Gillette Platinum, Wilkinson Sword Classic, Gillette Nacet, Astra Superior Platinum, and lastly Gillette Sliver Blue. But all of these have been smooth. I used Silver Blue on my Parker, but it's been the roughest on the V3A so far. I paired this with a Maggard MR11 handle and the fit and finish are perfect. The weight balance is amazing. However - I did knick a good part of my finger when grabbing it because the outsides of the blade (the non-sharp wide parts) are left exposed. I wish this wasn't the case, but it's easy enough to avoid now that I've learned my lesson. It just seems unnecessary.

Charles R.

Customer review

I get a very close, smooth shave from this razor, combined with the Maggard bulldog-style handle. It is deceptively smooth, but give it respect: it is not for a beginner and will nick if not careful. Also, the threads on the post were super tight and required some effort to tighten on the handle.