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Maggard Razors Shaving Brush Knot 20mm 2-Band Badger

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The Maggard 2-Band Badger Shaving brushes are sure to be a favorite among beginners and veterans alike.

For all of you hobby brush makers, we are happy to be able to provide these knots for all of your custom brush projects.

Knot Size: 20mm

Total Height from base of plug to tips: 63mm


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Customer Reviews
4.7 Based on 3 Reviews
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Customer review

It is mounted in an Ever-Ready BN500. Great Knot especially for the cost. Soft tips that offer good backbone and splays much more significant than it's 20mms. Also for a 20mm this knot hold plenty of soap and displaces it on the face very well. Since owning it, this knot has shed maybe two hairs in the first month, and that includes the breaking in period. Don't let the four stars fool you. I am only comparing that to top two band knots. For this cost, it is an excellent brush. If it was on the cost vs performance, it is a 5-star brush.

Customer review

Very soft, good back bone. Installed in Ever-Ready C40 handle. I’ve used several times and am very happy with results. Great value to give the old Ever-Ready new life.

Customer review

Just picked up one of these for loading into a vintage Rooney butterscotch keyhole. Brad's counsel as to how far to sink the knot was very helpful, so I went for a 48mm loft following his advice. After 24 hours to let the glue set, I washed the knot this evening, lathered up, and shaved. No animal smell at all. The knot had plenty of backbone and very soft tips. Very nice indeed. Only lost one hair on the first shave too. Can't ask for more than that.