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Maggard Razors Shaving Brush Knot 26mm Mixed 70/30 Badger and Boar

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For all of you hobby brush makers, we are happy to be able to provide these knots for all of your custom brush projects.

70% 2-Band Badger Hair
30% Natural Boar hair

Knot Size: 26mm

Total Height from base of plug to tips: 70mm


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Customer review

Great knot with just the right amount of backbone and scrub. Initially, the knot might feel a little scratchy, however after 2 or 3 shaves it softens up nicely as the boar hairs begin to split at the tips. While this knot is 26mm, it has a massive bloom. It's also worth noting that the base of the knot plug measures 26mm, but I measured nearly 28mm at the thickest part of the glue bump. I wasn't able to get this into a 27mm socket handle, though I'm sure there is some variance in these knots. I would shoot for a 28-30mm socket just to be on the safe side. Other than the wider than expected glue bump, the knot performs much better than the price would lead you to believe. This is easily one of the better natural fiber knot options under $30, though Maggard's two-band badger knots are phenomenal in the same price range as well. If you like backbone with a little more scrub, this is the knot for you. If you like backbone and soft tips, check out Maggard's two-band knots. Both are great and won't break the bank.


Customer review

Awesome knot. As others have said it does take some time to break in but once it does it is one of my favorite knots and punches way above its price point. Definitely one of my go to knots along with the Maggard's 2-band!


Customer review

I have been using this knot for about a month now. Overall, I have found it to be excellent, but there is a bit of a break-in period. It shed a lot on the first use and took a few weeks for the shedding to stop. I chalk this up to being densely packed and not due to poor construction. There is no noticeable glue bump. I can't say I notice the Boar all that much other than the knot has a tiny bit more backbone than a typical Two-Band Badger. Nice face feel. Not pillowy soft like a Silvertip not is it rough. It hits that sweet spot in the middle that I like.