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Maggard Razors V2 Chrome Open Comb DE Safety Razor Head

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47 reviews
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Version 2 open comb safety razor head combines the best combination of efficiency and comfort that we have found.

The feedback from our V1 OC head was clear - it was too mild / not efficient enough. We have resolved these issues with this release. We are confident the version 2 Maggard Open comb head is a great option for beginners trying out a double edge safety razor for the first time - but will also be loved by experienced wet shavers as well.

Materials: Zinc Alloy, Chrome plated.

Warranty: 6 months from date of purchase

Made in India.


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Customer Reviews
4.7 Based on 47 Reviews
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Charles R.
Customer review

This is one of my favorite open comb heads. It appears to be identical to the Parker open comb head. It produces effortless, super close shaves without irritation.

Customer review

The V2 OC head paired with a Parker 97R handle is a great combination for me. Of course your experience may vary.

Customer review

Mild shave, but I bought it to use the open comb bottom plate with the new Charcoal Goods Lithe cap. The V2 shaves just fine, but the Lithe cap on the V2 plate is even better!

Customer review

Nice razor head. Worked well with both the Maggard MR11 and MR16 handles. (The Weber Bulldog handle is too shallow thread wise to work with this head). Astra Superior Platinum and Feathers work well with this head (only two blades I have tried so far with this head). The open comb with the MR16 handle did a nice job on my face for a smooth efficient shave since I remembered to take a shallow angle to my face. It did a nice job on my neck where the hair goes in all different directions. The open comb cut through a three-day beard as if it were nothing (using Declaration Grooming/Icarus Shaving Soap/Taxes and an Astra Superior Platinum blade). No tugging or discomfort. Eight hours after the shave, my face was still smooth (benefit of a more aggressive razor). I did a side by side comparison with the Muhle R41 and this head using the same handle and this head is not as aggressive as the R41 (which is open comb-ish). Fit and finish of the OCv2 was perfect. I highly recommend this razor head.

Customer review

This is an excellent razor for the price. I was impressed by the quality as soon as I saw it. The save is a bit too mild for me but makes a good razor when I want a quick, casual shave with no nicks.