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Muhle R41 Open Comb DE Safety Razor Replacement Head

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by Muhle
14 reviews
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TRADITIONAL - Replacement head from MÜHLE for safety razor, open comb. Also fits Edwin Jagger and most other standard thread DE Safety Razor handles.

The traditional safety razor with replaceable blade is regarded by many as the first mechanical razor for self-shaving. At MÜHLE it is more: a minor miracle of precision, ergonomics and beauty, created for ambitious wet shavers. Our design combines high-quality metal-working (chrome-plating) with an extremely fine engraved finish.

The model comes in two versions (closed and open comb) as every beard growth, every type of facial skin is individual – and the same applies to personal shaving preferences.


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Customer review

Great item! Worth buying as the Muhle handle is slippery and quite light. I use this head with a stainless steel ikon or Razorock handle. Which are heavier and provide better grip than the Muhle handle. Great head which gives a nice close shave.

Customer review

My favorite DE razor. You have to shave gently and carefully. Works best with a sharp blade. It is a beast but can be tamed.

Customer review

Wanted something more aggressive than my Muhle R89 and this is it! Very well made and it’s super efficient with feather blades!

Customer review

Impressive, did a 4 pass shave today attached to a MR 7 handle. Great shave, not as spooky as I' had been lead to believe. Really mows it down.

Customer review

Bought this to replace my Maggard OC that I kept in the shower, which sadly got damaged in a fall and started giving me horrible cuts. R41 is an outstanding product, especially for body shaving. I assume mine is revision 2, as I bought it in 2019, and it really isn't that aggressive. I find it way easier to manage than Maggard's own "mild" head, thanks to the fact the R41 barely has any blade gap, and very minimal blade exposure. It's all in the angle and bar geometry (it comes with the "scalloped" bar, ie. a cross between open comb and solid), and it truly strikes the perfect balance for both efficient removal and easy management of the cut hair. In other words, no matter how much and how bushy the growth, it will not only remove it all with a single pass, it will keep it out of the shaved area, all while causing minimal to no irritation. It's this pain-free clogging resistance that makes it an absolute winner for use in the shower. It's also an excellent head for face shaving (I even chanced a shave two days in a row, which my skin generally doesn't take kindly to, and it was perfectly fine), but for me, it stays permanently in the shower, paired with the Maggard MR9 handle.