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Ogallala Bay Rum and Limes and Peppercorn Shaving Soap, 4.5oz

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One big 4.5oz round bar of Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum, Limes & Peppercorn Shaving Soap.

Ogallala shaving soaps contain shea butter for a great smooth feel on your face. They are a big 3 inches in diameter. If you have a mug that is a bit smaller, you can just whittle a bit off around the edges and throw the shavings in the mug with your soap to make it fit or melt for about 30 seconds in a microwave-safe container and pour into your mug. (of course then you'll need to let it cool before the first use).

Ogallala shaving soaps do not contain artificial coloring.

Need a place to store your new shaving soap? We’ve checked to make sure this soap puck fits in our 4oz Empty Jars. Click here to view our selection of empty containers.


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John SVG verified by SHOP
United States

Nice scent. Rich, creamy lather.

Guy C.
United States United States

Great Every day soap, get the puck

I bought this a few months ago as a stick for travel and to try the brand. As a travel soap, not so good as it is sensitive to water quality and technique. I love the scent and enjoyed the shave when the stars aligned. I ended up melting this into a bowl and it has become my favorite daily soap at home. Turns out it just needed to bloom a few minutes to shine. Once you dial in the blooming it is a fantastic shave soap which lathers easily and performs great.


Customer review

After getting this soap, the impression was great! Big puck, and fantastic scent. Very anxious to shave for the first time... The disappointment was very big. The lather was not...lather, drying very very fast, no slick. I thought I was shaving without soap. Thoughts to toss it... After a week I used it again with same results. Maybe the worst soap I ever used, although the scent was one of the best. I have more than 25 soaps in my rotation, but this was the worse. After a week, I thought to get rid of it, and use it for washing my hands. But I said to myself to try it one more time, using a different technique. I am a face lather... The difference was to have in my brush, much more water than usual. Maybe 75-100% more water. Then, I worked the soap with my brush, much more time than I do with other soaps....and then the explosion. I had it. Rinse water to my face and the lather was great. Very slick and performing great. I am really very pleased with this soap. I think, this is the best value for money soap in my den.


Customer review

I don't understand. I bought about 15 pucks of this soap 5 years ago, and it's getting time to restock the closet. I've never had a problem with this soap. Yes, it does take a little longer to get a good lather, but then the lather is strong and endures with a fine texture. Years ago they only sold from their base, but I see their soap everywhere now. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I've no problem with this soap - and the scent lasts. Love their little bottle of aftershave splash.


Customer review

This is definitely a 5 star soap! I cant understand any of the negative reviews. I have used several Ogallala hard shaving soaps and they are great. In fact, I don't think any BAY RUM soap can even come close to their overall performance value rating. First of all, I had trouble getting a lather on my first try. Go to their website and read the procedure for getting a good lather. From that time on, this soaps lather has been amazing. I build a paste on the brush and then move it to my lather bowl. The foam is luxurious and has a cottage cheese type consistency. I am always impressed how beautiful and abundant the lather is. The scent is amazing as well! The shave and post feel is excellent. Direct face lathering has not been as luxurious as when I bowl lather, but still as good as any other soap I have face lathered with. I do not know what some folks are doing, but this soap is by far the best value out there. I have at least 20 soaps in my shave den and I can tell you Ogallala will always have a place there.