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Ogallala Bay Rum and Sweet Orange Shaving Soap, 4.5oz

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One big 4.5 oz round bar of Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum & Sweet Orange Shaving Soap.

Ogallala shaving soaps contain shea butter for a great smooth feel on your face. They are a big 3 inches in diameter. If you have a mug that is a bit smaller, you can just whittle a bit off around the edges and throw the shavings in the mug with your soap to make it fit or melt for about 30 seconds in a microwave-safe container and pour into your mug. (of course then you'll need to let it cool before the first use).

Ogallala shaving soaps do not contain artificial coloring.

Need a place to store your new shaving soap? We’ve checked to make sure this soap puck fits in our 4oz Empty Jars. Add one to cart for only $1.75!


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Ted B.
Customer review

I love this soap. It smells great, lathers like a champ and lasts a long time. It's a pleasure to use and is reasonably priced.

Customer review

Ok...So my experience is quite in line with others' when it comes to this brand of soap. Takes some learning to lather, but definitely worth it: 1. This soap is very hard (will last a very, very long time I'm guessing). Apparently Ogallala recommends softening the soap before lathering. I just load my brush up with A LOT of water and brush the puck in a tub (black plastic from here) until i get a foamy paste on the brush. Then I hand lather with additional water to desired consistency. 2. This soap EXPLODES with large amounts of lather on your way to a good sheeny slickness. It falls off my hand as I'm lathering and still doesn't affect the quality of lather. It's great. 3. The scent is sweet but not too sweet. Very citrus-y with some bay rum. I like it a lot. It's a lighter scent with bright notes but I'm noticing a couple hours after I shave I can still smell the soap which is really nice. It paired extremely well with Clubman Whiskey Woods aftershave. 4. I would give this a 4.5 star rating because I've used soaps that were easier to lather and slightly more slick, but the price of this soap easily propels it into 5 start territory. I'm definitely going to try their other scents.

Customer review

For the beginning it is a little bit difficult to create a good shaving cream. But with a little training it works good. The scent is amazing. Fresh Orange meets clove. Masculine and fruity together. One word: Great. I tryed a lot of Bay Rum Scents, but this is the best.

Customer review

This was my first shaving soap that I have ever used. And I now I use it on my head, face, and neck. Love the smell and the lather! Goes well with the Orange Pre Shave from Maggards.

Customer review

One of the best value soaps around! The smell is great, and it gives plenty of slickness. It can be a touch on the finicky side to lather in hard water, but overload your brush with soap to overcome the issue. It's a must have in my rotation and at such a low price, is easy to justify keeping a spare on hand.