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Omega Model 10048 Pro 48 Chrome Handle Boar Bristle Shaving Brush, 28mm

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by Omega
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This is the shaving brush preferred by Master Barbers in Italy.

Sports a chrome colored ABS handle and filled with high quality boar bristles.

Once broken-in, you'll notice the tips of the bristles begin to split and become very soft but the brush will continue to provide plenty of backbone.

Handle diameter: 36mm
Handle Length: 64mm
Loft: 65mm
Knot: 28mm

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Customer review

The combination of very resilient bristles combined with very high loft gives this brush a unique (and very pleasant) feel as well as resulting in excellent performance. From my shaving post today: My routine is easy: wet the brush knot thoroughly under the hot-water tap, let brush stand sopping wet while I shower. Then at the lavatory sink I was my stubble with a high-glycerin soap and rinse partially with a splash (My own preference is Musgo Real Glyce Lime Oil soap — MR GLO.) I rewet the brush to heat it up, then give it a couple of good shakes and brush the soap vigorously and at some length: the brush has a big knot, so it requires a fair amount of soap = a thorough loading. Brush rapidly with firm pressure for 15 seconds or so does the job. Then I bring the loaded brush to my face, and the feel is excellent. The lather is quite good already (thanks in no small part to the soap), but I work it up a bit more, mostly by brushing briskly on and around my chin, then spread it over my stubble and brush it in. The secret, I think, is the the Pro 48 has very resilient bristles, but because it also has a high loft, it is not at all scrubby. And because of the resilience, it's also not floppy. It's a unique sensation that I don't encounter in many other brushes because it depends on those two things: high resilience an high loft. The Omega 20102 is close, but the loft of the Pro 48 is just a bit more. It does help, of course, that the brush is well broken in, but since I have so many brushes, it hasn't had all that much use — were I to use it daily, the amount I've used it is probably at most 3-4 months. Maybe even less. It's a brush that deserves consideration. As I've noted, if you get one, for the first week just load the brush (after soaking), make lather in your cupped palm, and rinse brush — with hot water until water runs clear and the brush is free of soap, then with cold water. Then give it a couple of shakes and stand it on the base to air dry. This will clean the brush of the lather-killing compounds that new boar knots seem to have.

David P.
Customer review

This was my first brush. I still have it and use it sometimes. Including this morning. Mine tends to still lose hair after years of use, but it's a big brush for sure and it won't miss them. This produces a lot of lather, and is really good for a luxurious weekend shave, IMO. I will keep this brush as long as I keep shaving with a blade. I am retiring soon, and will have more time for those luxurious shaves. On the con side, the knot will come flying out of the handle as I shake it, if I don't hold it in. Not a big deal to me at all.

Customer review

If you are a newbie and find difficult to choose a brush,just get a "48".Armies of shavers around the world can't be wrong!Easy to lather directly to face,a pleasure to handle and practically immortal,the only problem(?) is that you might need to lather twice if the monstrous knot decides to "swallow" the foam.

Customer review

I just got this recently and found it to be a bit of a weak contender. I'll give it a of chance to break in, but with my Semogue 1800 (which is an excellent boar brush and cost $7 more) around, it'll be hard to choose the Omega 48.

Customer review

If you're only going to have 1 brush, this is a great choice! Inexpensive and very well made. Once broken in, tips are very soft and it lathers both soaps and creams great!. However, it is a very big brush and it can get a little messy. It's a favorite of mine with Proraso. Makes me feel like I'm Tony Soprano, buy it and fu-get-about it!