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Omega Model 10098 Black Handle Boar Bristle Shaving Brush, 27mm

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by Omega
3 reviews
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One of the largest brushes we stock - the knot is 27mm in diameter, with a 65mm loft. the brushes total length is 145mm.

Once broken-in, you'll notice the tips of the bristles begin to split and become very soft but the brush will continue to provide plenty of backbone.

Handle Diameter: 24mm
Handle Length: 80mm
Loft: 65mm
Knot: 27mm

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Customer review

Fantastic brush. This brush can cover a single leg with no problems. I like the extra large handle and the coarseness of the bristles. It's somewhat awkward for working in small, precise areas though. Lathering from smaller shaving pucks (Dr. John's samples) or on my face feels a little ridiculous at times. But legs and wider soap containers work very well.

Customer review

I wanted a brush with more backbone and big enough to comfortably reach the bottom of my oversized coffee mug lather bowl. This thing is remarkable. I soaked it in simmering water for a while and shampooed it when cool. After the fourth round, I went to work with one of my more difficult soaps for a test. It did a really nice job for a brand new brush, and I know it'll only get better as it breaks in. Definitely my go to brush from now on. Haven't found any stray hairs. It's way more comfortable in the hand than any other brush I've tried.

Customer review

One of the best brushes that I own, the 10098 has a comfortable handle that fits into your hand. The bristles, once broken in, hold an amazing amount of lather and even holds enough warmth to make the entire shave pleasurable. This brush, along with my Semogue 1305, has replaced my Parker silvertip and pure badger brushes as favorites due to the wonderful job that they do. The brush has plenty of backbone and yet is soft enough to feel great on the face, massaging in the lather and exfoliating the skin. Also, my girlfriend owns this brush, and she has informed me that the handle is ideal for women that use traditional shaving products due to the reach and size of the brush when it splays out. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to try a boar brush, or even one looking for one with a bit more size.